Martin Lewis Financial Education Textbook


Martin Lewis' Free Textbook
(Dan Mullen) #2

My 15 year old daughter needs this!

(Jake MacGregor) #3

I :heart: Martin Lewis

(Andy) #4

Can’t stand the guy but it’s a very generous donation.

Interesting it was only to cover education in England and not UK wide however Scotland does already have this built in to the curriculum so I guess other nations and regions already do?

(🦡🦡🦡🦡🍄🍄) #5

It’s already part of the NI curriculum as well so you’re probably right :+1:

(Chris Beach) #6

Martin Lewis’s documentary is well worth a watch (available on catch-up):

I didn’t expect to be emotionally moved by his life story, but it is surprisingly powerful stuff.


My wife need this!!


I wish I had a better understanding of the power of compound interest when I left school.

I think I had learnt about it, but didn’t really grasp its significance until several years later.

(Andre Borie) #9

I need this. :joy:

By the way the textbook is available for free as a PDF too. :+1:t2:


This man :ok_hand:

Not only has he paid for a bunch of textbooks and teachers guides to be delivered to English state schools, but he’s provided a free PDF version online.

Would have been preferable not to have it this way, and it been executed properly on the national curriculum though.

(Daniel White) #11

As you say, should be part of the National Curriculum but at least this is the step in the right direction.

When I was at school, we had one lesson on Banking or Finance in our “Lifeskills” lessons and NatWest came in, but it was just a ploy for them to sneakily open a bank account for every kid in the class! “We’re practising filling forms in” they said, two weeks later we all had a bank account we didn’t want or need without our parents present!

Sure they’d be some serious litigation if it happened now!

(Phil) #12

We were supposed to be the generation with the information at our fingertips, driving down the cyber information super highway! This is the sort of thing I needed as a kid, and through my 20s! While Martin Lewis has said it isn’t perfect and not 100% how he would do it, but it is meeting the guidelines set by the curriculum, which is a lot more than I had in school.

(Jack) #13

Fantastic idea, wish something like this existed when I was in school.
Not sure if it’s now built into the Welsh curriculum?

(Andy) #14

I believe it is. Basically this is only for England as the rest of the regions have already built it in to their curriculums…

I remember in primary school the bank of Scotland would come in once a week and we would have our paying in books and we would deposit our pocket money and stuff!