Martin Lewis Financial Education Textbook


Martin Lewis' Free Textbook
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My 15 year old daughter needs this!

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I :heart: Martin Lewis


Can’t stand the guy but it’s a very generous donation.

Interesting it was only to cover education in England and not UK wide however Scotland does already have this built in to the curriculum so I guess other nations and regions already do?

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It’s already part of the NI curriculum as well so you’re probably right :+1:


Martin Lewis’s documentary is well worth a watch (available on catch-up):

I didn’t expect to be emotionally moved by his life story, but it is surprisingly powerful stuff.


My wife need this!!


I wish I had a better understanding of the power of compound interest when I left school.

I think I had learnt about it, but didn’t really grasp its significance until several years later.


I need this. :joy:

By the way the textbook is available for free as a PDF too. :+1:t2:


This man :ok_hand:

Not only has he paid for a bunch of textbooks and teachers guides to be delivered to English state schools, but he’s provided a free PDF version online.

Would have been preferable not to have it this way, and it been executed properly on the national curriculum though.

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As you say, should be part of the National Curriculum but at least this is the step in the right direction.

When I was at school, we had one lesson on Banking or Finance in our “Lifeskills” lessons and NatWest came in, but it was just a ploy for them to sneakily open a bank account for every kid in the class! “We’re practising filling forms in” they said, two weeks later we all had a bank account we didn’t want or need without our parents present!

Sure they’d be some serious litigation if it happened now!

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We were supposed to be the generation with the information at our fingertips, driving down the cyber information super highway! This is the sort of thing I needed as a kid, and through my 20s! While Martin Lewis has said it isn’t perfect and not 100% how he would do it, but it is meeting the guidelines set by the curriculum, which is a lot more than I had in school.

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Fantastic idea, wish something like this existed when I was in school.
Not sure if it’s now built into the Welsh curriculum?


I believe it is. Basically this is only for England as the rest of the regions have already built it in to their curriculums…

I remember in primary school the bank of Scotland would come in once a week and we would have our paying in books and we would deposit our pocket money and stuff!

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Thanks for sharing this video. It’s very helpful and useful. I think that we need specific classes in schools that will teach kids money management. For me, it’s crucial that kids now to spend and save money.

Right now I’m working on a project for and this book is very helpful for my research.

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Anyone see Martin Lewis break down on TV talking about fraud and his defamation case against Google and Facebook?

Moving stuff. You don’t have to like him personally but he’s a good man, trying his best to help people.