Business Account Categories

The categorie options in the Monzo Business account are too restricted. Having categories such as ‘Family’ and ‘Holiday’ seem irrelevant when categorising business spending. It would also be useful to have the option to create your own categories. Otherwise loving the business account.

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Custom categories are a much requested feature, hopefully they prioritise building this now that some categories are irrelevant to business banking.

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“Enhanced business categories” is under the Working On It section of the Monzo Business Accounts Trello board, so it looks like business categories will be improving in the near future.


I’ve got a feeling from what was said on here a long time back that the way they’re set up in the app means we’ll never get custom categories, but they will be able to add business specific ones, and hopefully hide the personal ones.

Wouldn’t the ability to create your own new categories count as custom categories?

Was slightly stunned to just pay my salary and see the regular categories. I hope this makes it in soon as the current categorisation makes absolutely no sense for business.

For me the most important categories are: salaries, dividends, tax, services like heroku/aws (not sure what to call these), travel, subsistence (food/eating out) + invoice payments

Also I would really like to see these automatically sent to freeagent, as freeagent does nothing for automatic categorisation right now.

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