Payment categories

Any idea if we’ll see specific business spending/payment categories? 90% of the current options aren’t really business related. I know Starling just updated theirs to be a lot business friendlier so wondered if Monzo were planning the same before or after a general launch.

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They are working on custom categories, so once that is finished I’m sure they’ll change business to more suitable ones.

I believe there was a lot of backend work needed to properly implement it.


Need to have a similar setup to Coconut, it auto assigned items to the correct categories, also gives you an idea of what is covered and not for tax purposes to

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I agree, Coconut app is brilliant.

Wondering if Monzo have any plans to change the business UX/UI :thinking:

Yes, if people tell them what categories they want

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I wonder why none of these articles are no longer linked to the community :confused:


Jumping ship before it goes under completely? Several things have happened in the last 6 months which makes me swing towards ‘the forum days are numbered’.


Jumping ship?

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