Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot!

Anyone gonna watch this? I’ll defo be checking it out.

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I will watch to see what the ‘talent’ is like and go from there.

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I’m interested how they’ll do it. When it ended they gave all girls in the world slayer powers so what’s the plot going to be? How will they explain Angel looking so much older?
Loved the show so i’m looking forward to it

I’m more interested if it’s the same universe rather than a full reboot. Now that all the potential slayers are full slayers it opens up more options than just doing the same stuff again with different actors.

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They’ll completely reboot it I reckon… No cast coming back…

Joss Whedon hinted some would be back, even just as cameos


If they’re gonna reboot, I think they should just reboot… clean slate, update, go in a potentially different direction…

That way all the fans of the original series who don’t like this can keep their version, whilst the new viewers can have this version…

And, spoilers, some of the characters are no longer around… Similarly are the comics that continued the story still going to be canon. I’ve not read them, but in-case they got rid of characters too :wink:

I can see this being really good, or really bad. But the one thing I do know is that I can’t wait to see it and find out :slight_smile:

Yup really excited to see it but I’m not sure how high my hopes are!

The show runner seems to be suggesting that it won’t just be a new actress playing Buffy.

Sounds good to me

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