Budgeting on Android

It’s not. The difficult bit is making sure the person is still alive afterwards :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe you should be exposed to reading and typing a bit more :wink:

To be fair, what you see is not at all indicative of how anything works on the backend :wink:

Desperate for the budget function so just adding to the list. Help me Monzo, you’re my only hope.

Pretty sure if you setup targets on an iOS device, you used to still get notifications on Android when you go over them?

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Sorry just wanted to add my +1 to this. This is absolutely critical for me. Last update from a Monzo employee a year ago saying “coming soon” and nothing since? What happened to all the great customer service and community engagement I keep hearing about…

Hi Ben,

You may be interested to read our recent blog detailing our plans for 2018!

In there you’ll notice a section regarding Targets being reworked. That involves a complete rewrite of what we have now, which means we’ll be building out the new Targets system for both iOS and Android. We have lots of Android users clamouring for it, including myself (Pixel 2 XL) and our CEO Tom amongst many others!

I’m no brain surgeon and I know a lobotomy was neither difficult nor done by a brain surgeon on the modern sense of the word. Google ‘ice pick lobotomy’ (the most common form) because I’m not going to write the crude details on here. But no, it wasn’t difficult (or safe or effective).

Thus, this should be just as easy, right? :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, while the development work isn’t easy I do think that leaving Android as the second class platform in many ways is unfortunate.

The redeeming factor that makes it all okay to me is that we have Android Pay and the Apple folks don’t have Apple Pay. So at least it shows that Monzo is willing to launch an Android-first feature if they’re ready to. That is, they don’t deliberately make the sure the iPhone experience is always going to be better than Android. But I sure wish they’d put some more resources into Android.

hidden Summary of this thread...

“When will you be releasing this feature for Android?”
“Coming very soon!” ™

…well hopefully it will be better now the current account is rolling.

Timeline as of Jan 2018: 3-6 months

There’s a difference between developing a technique and undertaking it though.

thanks! I’ve had to read while thread to see that.

+1 for budgeting.

When I picked up the debit card tester account in the summer @ Monzo offices, there was a lot of talking of bringing iOS and Android to parity in terms of features/functions.

The budgeting section is still missing on Android. It feels like a relatively simple feature of the app and much less complex than the other functionality. What’s the hold up?

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You can do this with Emma. I got it last night - looks pretty cool.

Budgeting is having a complete overhaul at the moment to better fit the additional functionality and use cases people might encounter with a current account. We’re aiming for the end of March beginning of April for this to arrive on Android.

Also, the a refreshed version of the Pulse graph is coming to Android mighty soon, and it’s well worth the wait! :+1:




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That’s great news on the timeline for Android budgeting. The recently updated roadmap announcement and Trello board don’t mention it / still have Android targets at 6-12 months.

Can you clarify if it’s a full “Android targets” implementation (like seen in iOS currently) you’re aiming for in April, or something different whilst the larger overhaul is completed?

The functionality thats on iOS at the minute isn’t anything to rave about. So I’d hope its the completely overhauled budget/category section that @Naji is referring to! :crossed_fingers:

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Or the complete overhaul would be great too! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a preview of that, in case anyone’s interested..

Click the :arrow_down_small: to view the full post.

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Hey there, is there any update on this? I think the Android community would be appreciative of even a super simple/prototype version of the budgeting functionality since this was pushed in the marketing when getting everyone to sign up. It’s a bit frustrating not getting what we signed up for, so to speak. I appreciate this is something you will want to get right the first time, but I think at least having the first sprint complete and something people can work with would be great. Are there any approximate timelines for these features to be added? I originally scrapped my manual budgeting when I got my Monzo card, and wondering if it’s worth hanging on a few more months or going back to basics with my Excel sheet!

Any comments much appreciated!