Budgeting + Mini Balances

I would love to be able to set daily/weekly/monthly ‘limits’ on spend. Mondo would track my progress and alert me when I’m getting close to over spending.

Separate to that, having ‘mini balances’ being able to set up mini balances where money comes from.
For example: I have £100 spending, I’m putting £60 aside for socialising, £25 for indulgence and £15 for coffee. When I spend, money comes off the total and mini balance. If Mondo isn’t sure where to take it from, then it asks me to select or something.

I would love for Monzo to be a truly smart banking app, that can really help me with my money.

Great work Monzo team, I’m super excited to see what you all produce :slight_smile:

Are you an Android user by any chance?

The targets functionality (including alerts) is already available in the iOS app

Custom weekly / custom time frames are being worked on, I think daily targets might be a little bit high maintenance though, unless you were thinking of recurring targets? Either way, Hugo’s said that this won’t be developed yet.

Saving pots are on the roadmap for the next 6-9 months (once current accounts have been launched).

Ah! No I’m not, I just hadn’t updated since I only recently received my card. Thank you for pointing it out!
Awesome that it’s on the roadmap! Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

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I still think weekly targets would be helpful, to be able to stay more on top of things. I realise we don’t have a nice whole number of weeks in a month but hey, something more detailed on a shorter time length would be cool

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