Budget summary page - remaining amount is far from obvious

When I look at my budget summary I feel confused. I would like to view, at a glance, what I have left to spend. Perhaps that’s just my preference. Either way, currently it shows the tally in bold which could be ok but then the black line does what’s remaining which kind of sends a confusing mixed message. It just doesn’t feel right to me: (same for the 3 people I just asked)

I think the clarity of the design of this section could be improved greatly. What’s my need: know what I’ve spent or what I have left. Allow me to switch the view between perhaps but showing me a mix of both didn’t really help, I’ve stopped using budgets as a result.

Yeah I’ve not been a fan of this design for a while. It works for some people I know, but apparently not for everyone. It’s just not obvious enough at first glance so to me that’s bad UI design. Does the dark line grow or shrink? The vertical grey line, what does it represent? and X left of Y is a ‘negative’ message so needs to be rephrased with the positive (after all you are still in budget here! well done!).

In your example image it’s appears to suggest you have £102 in your Groceries budget, so why does it say £198 left? Surely that’s £198 spent?? And so on…

Thank you, you conveyed my sentiments far better than I could have! I feel a little bit off user testing would have clarified this issue straight away.

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