Budget summary and adjustment, multiple ways to do one thing is confusing

If using Monzo primarily for budgeting, then the current UI has summary information spread out making it cumbersome to get an overview at a glance.

There are 3 numbers that I have to reconcile between Current Account and Summary and they change font size and style.

The original budget commitment, “Left of £1,000” for example, is set independently of individual budget categories. Sometimes it follows along to sum or minus when I adjust budget categories, other times it will lock the +/- buttons.

Budgeting principles often ‘give every dollar a job’ so you’re potentially letting users get in trouble by having two ‘levers’ to adjust.

If the committed spending area is not used, it takes up a lot of space between budgets and pots.

If I do well on a category for the month and have a surplus, there isn’t an easy to transfer it all over to a pot which is what that feature is utilised for.

Spread out how? It’s all on one screen. You may have to scroll, but it’s hardly cumbersome.

If you have specific UI/UX issues, it helps to provide examples, otherwise we have to decipher what you’re saying and check it against what we’re seeing (for those who use the budgeting) before we can comment.

Zero clue. Sorry.

If you don’t use it, it still offers the means to identify upcoming amounts (if you’ve marked items as recurring or have direct debits etc).

I believe when you use the salary sorter you are able to sweep your balance into a pot, is that not what you are after? You want something more specific per-category??

Apologies if my response is not helpful. I’m trying to work out what it is you need but I’m struggling. Perhaps someone else will be along with better advice/comment.

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