BUDGET Committed spending va Spending

Issue: the transaction under Committed spending (repeating payments/Subscription) has not reflected on my budget.

Example: I defined a budget of 100£ for bills. 10£ of this budget are for Spotify subscription (selected as repeating payment monthly).

When the payment has been done the budget will not be updated to 90£ but stay at 100£.

To replicate the case:

  • create a budget under bills category;
  • set Spotify transaction under bills category and as Subscription;
  • make the payment happen;
  • the budget will not change.

I would like suggest to manage the refund within the budget.

Currently if I pay 10£ for Shopping, the budget will be decrease of 10£ but if I get the total refund, the budget will not increase.

Please let me know if you need any further clarification.



Device: iPhone 13MaxPro
App Version: 5.9.0

Hello & Welcome

This isn’t a bug so I’ve moved it out of here - it’s intended behaviour. Trends doesn’t recognise any committed/re-occuring payments as part of your budget.

The budget is intended for discretionary spend (e.g. eating out) - if you have plus you could have a custom category or you could choose to put it under a different category.

happy posting!