Broken bill splits, nothing monzo can do

So I have three broken bill splits. I have no way of editing or cancelling them. Contacted Monzo support and got this helpful response

That seems… particularly unhelpful.

And not accurate. Someone working for Monzo will be able to delete them, they’re just choosing not to.


As someone who doesn’t use them; does this matter? And what effect does this have?

Someone at Monzo definitely can delete them, but probably not front line support who aren’t going to escalate the thousands of these requests they get daily. Hopefully someone here will fix it for you

Saying ‘Nothing we can do’, which is a lie, isn’t good enough for customer service. That particular person might not be able to fix it but they should escalate it. If they are getting ‘thousands’ of requests like that a day then I would suggest that it is something they should build out for customers to cancel them - they should have done from the start. I don’t have any but they would drive me crazy!


Totally this.

I’d suggest that @mholland raises a complaint.

(Btw, I don’t criticise because I want to, but because Monzo is an excellent product let down by poor customer support. If they can fix that then the world is theirs).


and this is why they’re still way off achieving any awards regards to their customer service…

I know you mentioned you’ve reset your phone, what about removing the app and re-registering your phone when you redownload it? Might be a local cache issue?



sorry i meant ive factory reset my phone more than once since those broken bill splits first happened. They are from the beginning of 2022

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Yeah, this links gonna be your best friend then!

Contrary to what the agent said, they can delete them. It may need to go to one of their technical teams to resolve it in the system back end

I had some old broken bill splits a year or so ago (they got broken because people started paying me off-Monzo and there was also a Monzo rounding error on some of them), and after faffing around with customer service for about 2 days and being passed around to about 7 people, they did send me to the correct team who could delete them.

I’d raise a complaint for it, as Monzo seem to listen more to complaints than other chat messages


It would bother me, just from an aesthetic point of view. I hate clutter and redundant information remaining on my screen.

I still hate having cancelled DD’s on bank accounts. I love Monzo’s implementation of it.

So yeah, if I had this issue it would just bug me. Even if it didn’t prevent anything from actually working.