Bill Split Technical Problem

Hi folks,

Looking for help.

Lately I have been having problems with bill splits.

I try to create a bill split, go through all the normal steps. When I press the request money button I get a Monzo Server error message.

This creates a bill split with myself as the only member, and with no way to edit or cancel the bill split.

I have tried contacting Monzo through the chat feature, but all they give me is how to create the bill split. Im assuming its a bot.

Any help appreciated

Android 12

Edit: To update, a Monzo “specialist” has stated that you cannot bill split a direct debit payment.

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Erm, I thought that you could. I have the option to on mine…

Has anyone split a direct debit?

I’ve only been bill splitting direct debit payments for years…

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Open a complaint. Give them examples of when it’s worked before.

It’s the only way they’ll fix the poor service (and presumably the server error).


Update: apparently it’s a known problem they are looking into

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