Broadband and 5G Home Routers

In a pickle where my current broadband contract has finished and I’m in the 30day trial period of Vodafone Superfast 2 where if I don’t leave before June 11th then I’m in it for 18 months. :neutral_face:

3rd July is 5G go live, but I’m not in any of the first 16 major cites so might be awhile before we get it. We get 4G atm, but like 40 Mbps tops which is rubbish.

Do I exit now while I still have the chance and try and find a rolling deal? Nov 2020 seems so long away to be locked in. :pensive:

Just been on chat and the 5G version of this should be soon. But couldn’t confirm if unlimited. With the 4G 300GB month limit, I could burn through that in under an hour with 5G.

The router is not 5G compatible anyway, so when 5G comes to your area you’ll have to but a new router out your own pocket (or possibly upgrade)

I wouldn’t do their current Gigacube rolling contract, I don’t like the sound of paying £100 upfront and then a whoping £60 mth for 40 Mbps and a limit of 300 GBs a month.

The Superfast 2 deal I went for was unlimited £25 mth, and £100 Amazon voucher. The downside being 18mths.

I’m thinking Now Broadband unlimited £30 mth rolling 30 day contract if I do exit. Unless anyone has suggestions?


I hate that broadband providers try and lock you in for ridiculous lengths.

What’s your current data usage? With 5G it may not go up that much if your internet habits don’t change i.e. if you already use 4K quality then there won’t be much increase.

Also Vodafone may not be the first to roll out 5G in your area,

I have it on good authority that EE will be offering the Huawei 5G CPE PRO router with 500gb for £100 upfront and £90 a month for 24 months, this could of course change depending on competition etc.

I wouldn’t bother being an early adopter with 5G. You’ll pay over the odds and the price will likely drop a fair bit after a year or so. Stick with your fibre this time and look at switching in 18 months :+1:t2:


How? Faster speeds, yes, but are you just gonna deliberately download loads more stuff now? Or should I not ask :wink:

I second what @danmullen suggests, hang tight for now and see how it plays out.


About half a Terabyte monthly, which seems a lot but its only ~15 GB daily on avg.

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Hmm I wonder how much I use… erk, I shudder to think (although have no idea tbh)

Good to know.
Seems harsh with the £100 upfront if your getting into a £2k + contract.

Currently still ol’ 1080p. But if I had the speed like 100MB/s + I’d be all over 4K content.

I use 4G broadband from Three as my home internet connection. Speeds vary but average around 42Mbps down and 27Mbps up. £20/month, truly unlimited, no traffic management. I use around 1.2TB/month - multiple Nest Cams and 4K Netflix.


I also have that setup, what router do you use?
I have the Huawei B525, I get between 35-55mbps usually, and upto 75mbps at night.

They claim their traffic sense policy won’t let you go over 1TB but good to know that it does.

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I have the TP-Link MR-6400. I have Google Wi-fi so wasn’t bothered about getting a router with any particular bells and whistles, though this particular router is actually quite decent. Only cost about £75 on Amazon.

Their TrafficSense policy seems a bit ambiguous to me. They do state that if you used the web all day every day, you would be hard pushed to go over 1TB. However, I didn’t actually read that that is any sort of limit.

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The Ts&Cs state that when you hit 1TB they’ll do some sort of check to confirm you aren’t using it for business purposes (not sure what exactly constitutes that, whether they mean actually serving data at volume via the router or if it’s even more restrictive and might impact people who work remotely/from a home office/etc.)

The thing is, with all the streaming and gaming platforms these days, you’re much more likely to use up that level of bandwidth rather than if it was being used for business purposes!

I have that setup too :smiley:

I have the Huawei B315 and bought the external antenna which made a big difference :slight_smile:

Another provider should be announcing their 5G launch this morning and opening pre-orders (for a launch on 30th May, before Vodafone).


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Thoughts on if 5G will mean the end of home telephone lines and broadband as we know it today?

:pray: :crossed_fingers:

Anyone found any pricing or info on EEs HTC 5G Mobile Smart Hub?

No, only the phones are available for pre-order. Even retail haven’t been told pricing for the MBB or HBB routers yet