Branding Fintech: Who Likes the New Uniform?

A good read here about whether all Fintechs look the same:

An interesting take that Monzo set the standard, which everyone else then took inspiration from:

The early days of the fintech revolution produced some true pioneers who teamed novel thinking with bold attitudes. Monzo set the bar with its commitment to creating an outstanding brand. Others have followed the trail it blazed – often too much so. Because the current trend in fintech branding is towards uniformity rather than originality. Brands are blending in when they should be standing out.

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The author thinks First Direct is fintech



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Interesting article and a lot of it rings true

Current trends in fintech visual identity include design minimalism, flat illustration and a pastel-led colour palette. These are so prevalent they are becoming a cliché. There is an absolute sea of teal out there

The names, app design and colours are all becoming uniform. Very rare to find any wow factor. Instead I download an app and instantly think of what other apps it’s like. Or in some cases it’s a blatant copy (looking at you BUX)

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