Booked trips - can I cancel due to Covid-19

Has anyone ever booked a holiday with hoseasons and if so have you had to cancel as im having trouble cancelling due to covid 19 there not willing to give me all my money back

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When is the booking for?

Tui are still expecting me to pay the remainder of our holiday in 18 days I have asked to extend the payment date due to COVID19, as I think even the holiday in July will be cancelled.

They have said they could provide a new date or cancel

its for may the 23rd

I gather that until the government state lockdown goes beyond that date they won’t offer a refund, same as Tui will only cancel if still in lockdown at date of travel

That’s the key point. Hold off until the “Force Majeure” extends beyond your start date.

I’ve got a trip to Belgium set for late May - non refundable., in this case, are instructing their partners to refund in line with emerging Covid-19 guidance.