Blog Post - What do app screens and pedestrian-crossings have in common?

Hey everyone!

I’m Josh, a Data Scientist at Monzo :wave:

I’ve just done a blog that talks about why app screens are like pedestrian crossings :thinking:

More specifically, I’ve talked about how some subtle tweaks to a user-interface in our sign-up funnel had a surprisingly large impact!

Hope you find it interesting! Shout if you have any thoughts or questions :slightly_smiling_face:



Likely being pedantic here but with this part in mind:

Does the “10th March - that makes you 29 years old!” part that you added to help with this not fall under the same issue?


I struggled with the example layouts, I had to right-click and open in another tab so I could read them. Could you tweak so the image is zoomable / show full size or something? Ta.

Otherwise, quite a fascinating read. Surprising how much impact something like this can have.


That was a really interesting read thank you for sharing.


Cool read :sunglasses:

Should we apply validation to the individual DOB fields as soon as info is entered? Or wait ‘til the whole DOB has been entered?

One thing that has always irked me about the Apple date picker. If I use it today and then try and select my DOB, if it was 31/12/1980, as it defaults to today, I select 31st as I read left to right, it won’t let me because that’s in the future, so you have to change the year first.


Really great article, enjoyed reading that


Since iOS 13 there has been a date picker that presents a calendar for the user to choose a date from. I really wish Monzo would use it as I often schedule payments for the next Friday, and with the old date picker I have to stop and think what date that will be – and I hate thinking.


I struggled with the example layouts, I had to right-click and open in another tab so I could read them. Could you tweak so the image is zoomable / show full size or something? Ta.

Good shout tbutz (and nice workaround). I’ll ask to see if there’s anything that can be done about that. Agree that the images came out a bit narrower than I was expecting :microscope:


Interesting, thanks for sharing this!

Am I right in saying that the tests showed that the best option was just to ask for first and last name? Does that mean that you no longer capture middle names, or are they picked up separately or manually?

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Thanks, glad you found it interesting!

Fair question! Providing everything else is okay with the first and last names then we’re happy to pick-up the middle name from the document later in the application, and this doesn’t need to be done manually. But on the flip side, if the user chooses to enter their middle name into the first field then it just gets treated as a middle name, as before, without issues.

The three-box variant was more structured but wasn’t such a great experience for people who don’t have middle names. So the two-box variant was the best middle-ground between reducing mismatches, but not putting people off.


Thanks! Seems sensible.

I have a slightly vested interest given that I don’t really use my middle name yet Monzo is seemingly very keen on it. I’d rather it was just removed from my records. It seems a bit overkill for deed poll, but I do wonder…

Where does title fit into this? I know Monzo are very friendly when it comes to gender and identity, so is it not something you check?

Curious as I recently signed up for an account elsewhere and selected MRS by mistake. This is now printed on my card.


It is an option but you don’t have to deed poll for this.

I am going to do similar as my middle names are too long and get cut off half the time anyway, and am also going to shorten my first from Alexander to Alex.

Minor changes like this can be done for passport with, for example, a bank statement and a council tax letter showing the ‘new’ name: Change your name or personal details on your passport: Titles and small changes to forenames - GOV.UK

And obviously you can update your name for both of those very easily. I can’t find the form for driving licence (D1) online but from memory, the process was very similar. Could then easily use said licence as one of your forms of proof for passport etc.

And obviously if/once you start doing it with banks, providing any ID proof as necessary, that’ll be your credit file updated in due course, and then can’t imagine anyone else major having a record of the middle name(s).


We don’t actually ask for titles :slight_smile:


Surely your middle name just needs to change to “_”??!?


I mean that is my middle name. Want it gone :joy:


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