Blog pagination link doesn't work

Issue: On the Monzo blog going to the next page is not possible.

Details to reproduce: Go to scroll to the bottom and click “Next” button. It takes me to
OS: macOS 10.15.6
Device: Mac mini
App Version: N/A


Same on Google Chrome on Android

Yeah, returns link address of

Thanks for reporting, looks like something’s gone funky.


And we should be good again, thanks all!


Yes - it now works :clap:


While we are on the subject of the Blog, it seems a little odd to me that there is no quick link towards the top of the page

Best I can see, the only way to get to it is to select the small link in the footer:

That seems a shame when there is a lot of good, customer facing, content in there

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Noted :eyes:

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:eyes: @AlanDoe are you no longer Monzo staff?

fixes a slight typo

Still living that Monzonaut life :rocket:

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:eyes: okay. Good to know :sweat_smile:

We’re doing a lot of work now to rejig some bits of the website. Particularly the features pages, but I’ll see if we can get the blog some love too. If anything, we’ll probably be surfacing blog content on other areas of the site too.


Great, thanks