Block Widget Displaying Balance


The addition of authentication to open the Monzo app was relatively recent. For the first few years, there was no way to lock the app with TouchID or PIN etc. The widget was designed and implemented before app lock, so I imagine this was an oversight when app lock was brought in.

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I think you might be correct. The force touch widget also has a button to ‘add money,’ which takes you to the add money screen in the app.


Anyone can click approve!

After they’ve somehow unlocked your phone.


Yeah, I noticed that. Doesn’t really make any sense in the current app, but made a lot of sense (and presumably much used) in the prepaid card days. I get the feeling this force touch menu/widget was an MVP that has never been looked at again. (You also can’t display the joint account balance in the widget should you wish.)

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Correct, but you need touch ID to open the app, so it kind of defeats the purpose of the security settings

The widget only shows your current balance, not: individual transactions (and where you’ve been); whether you have a joint account and its balance and transactions; pots and their balances; the payees and contacts in the transfers section; any linked credit card; or access to your pervious chats in the help section.

I’m saying this as someone who doesn’t see the point of the app lock overall, but if you want to use it, it is still ‘protecting’ a lot of information, even with the widget displaying the current balance in your personal account.

I agree that the widget should really fall in line somehow with the app lock setting, but saying it defeats the purpose of app lock is an exaggeration.


It makes Monzo look a little amateurish, in my view. Although I don’t know how many people use force touch.

It is touch and hold since iOS 13. It comes up when moving app icons.

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I assume they didn’t bother building for :android: ?

So it shows your balance? Does it show anything else?

What would be the issue if someone saw your balance, that person being either friend or foe?

Balance and spent today

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Not much.

Edit: I’ve just pressed the Freeze Card button. It doesn’t freeze the card, it just opens the app (using Face ID).

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So pretending I’ve either nicked your phone and somehow unlocked it by slicing off your thumb without you knowing, or I’m a close friend and you’ve passed me your phone to show that cute photo I must see whilst you go off to make a tea leaving your phone unguarded and I get curious.

What do I do with that info of £274.73? Ask if I can borrow a tenner when you return?

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There are people who use my phone who I don’t want having access to that information

Fair enough.

I assume with the widget you need to auth/unlock that to see the amounts, or are you saying is it willy nilly showing the balance as a default, with no way to control if it is shown or not?

If it is showing as a default and no way to turn off/on, then thats just poor design, regardless if you care if someone knows your balance.

The open speed of the app to get to see the same info is near instant on my phone, quicker than a blink. The widget doesn’t seem to be much of a benefit in anyway.

I’m still wondering how this is “seriously stupid” on Monzos part when you unlock your phone and give it to people you don’t trust :confused:


Because a banking app should have a lock, just as it does on a desktop computer.

If I unlocked my PC and gave someone access to it, would I then go to each software creator and call them seriously stupid or would I implement my own tighter security controls for my niche circumstances. :see_no_evil: