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I’m afraid I find your comment quite dismissive. Just because you don’t perceive it to be a problem does not mean this sort of design is not a problem for many users of technology.

I thought Monzo worked hard to be inclusive? :thinking:

I was viewing it on an iPhone X, possibly one of the better screens about at the moment. Fact remains, dark blue on a dark grey or black background is not good.

Please don’t take my quotes out of context. This is what I said -

Which Hugo’s now confirmed.


Is this something you’ll be required to implement to launch in the US? When I lived in the US, I worked at a university and this was a massive deal for legal compliance, but I’m not sure if that’s the law generally - or only because we received government money (so we had to comply with the whole VPAT thing).

If that’s really the case, I’m surprised to see it reach a publicised mock-up.

After all, why mock up something that would never be used a in an accessible finished design?

If you don’t have any constructive feedback to share, perhaps it’s not worth posting at all. Monzo have already said that they will make sure that this design doesn’t cause accessibility issues so you seem to be completely wasting your time with posts like this.

It’s up to you of course but I have better things to do :wave:

Alex, I provided feedback on the mock-up. Accessibility is a very important issue. I believe my points are valid and, as you and Monzo designers grow older, or acquire sight issues, you too will appreciate that good design is about functionality and not just making something look pretty.

We have different views on this. I’m disappointed for you to get upset about that. I thought the community respected different points of view and that contributors were friendly and respectful to each other?

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The thing with colour is that it affects everyone differently, and there are different issues (dyslexia, colour blindness, cataracts, etc) that colour affects in unique ways.

WCAG and subjective tests are good places to start, but it’d be really nice to see Monzo themeable either with custom themes or with a few different, well-designed and unique themes. One, it’d be fun, and two - more importantly - it would let people pick colours that work for them.


Statistically men suffer colourblindness more than women and it is theorised this is due to the differences in eye structure with the rods in the retina in groups of 3 for men and groups of 4 for women, which results in easier differentiation of subtle colour differences in shades of the same colour.

Most XX individuals are not tetrachromats. However, if an XX individual has a mutation of one type of cone cell, they will then have four types and potentially be tetrachromats. Most XX individuals with four cone cells, however, show no sign of increased colour gamut so it’s more complex than that.

An XY individual with a similar mutation will still only produce three types of cones - but one of them will be abnormal.

So, yes, it is related to XY individuals being more susceptible to genetic anomalies. But most XX individuals don’t have four types of cones (and most who do still aren’t functionally tetrachromatic).

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thanks for clarifying that, it was years ago I heard it on the radio so was not sure if I had remembered rightly. The detail you give is very interesting and well composed as always. Thanks

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No problem, I also didn’t mention - rods do not respond to colour. They’re the cells used for low light vision. Cones are are more specialised and respond to colour :slight_smile:

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+1 to this. :+1:

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Sorry if this has already been mentioned but the layout of the pulse graph is a lot better than the iOS design, are iOS users going to see the same interface or will it remain the same?

I hope the iOS version gets changed to use that UI. It looks a lot nicer…

The separator between each transactions and day is just ugly compared to the android version, it looks so much cleaner.

I hope they keep the hamburger menu. Keep the design language of the platform. This is like when a Linux/GTK+ app gets ported (lazily) to Windows (or vice versa).


Monzo creating an app that could be customised would be a huge waste of resources right now.
Plus, customers can’t be trusted to keep it looking nice.


Reminded me of this!:


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I know what you’re saying, but I believe we’ve already decided to ditch the hamburger menu, and it’s not due to not wanting to adhere to the differences between platforms, but simply because we’ve found that not many Android users actually use it.