The Purge Series

Starts tonight in the USA ( 3am our time ) and tomorrow at some point on Amazon Prime

anyone looking forward ?

I don’t have Amazon Prime and this and the new Jack Ryan series are both on my to-watch list. Does anyone know if this is going to come to Netflix or am I fated to have to get yet another subscription to something I don’t use enough (to justify the cost)?

Watched the first ep earlier, absolutely brilliant

I will, so many new series are coming out! :heart_eyes:
Can’t wait to watch Manifest…

Watched the first episode last night. Better than I expected. Pity its only 4 episodes.

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The movies have always been on to-watch list. Do you recommend watching them first?

If you like the movies it’s good, I watched just the first 2 episodes though.

Really ? I’ve watched four so far, which is four hours into the purge, im sure they will be another 8

Wait is it coming out weekly? I just saw four episodes and assumed that was it!

Comes out weekly. Wednesdays. :+1:

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Anyone watching ? Ep 5 tomorrow.

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What did you think? I quite liked the first episode!