Biotropic Design meets cash card II

Thanks for the reply. I’ll do some reading. I prefer “general public” to “uneducated public” though…


I think there are greater threats to humanity…:up::arrow_up:

I disagree. Cards are based upon designs for technology that originated in the 70’s. A card that is a quarter of the size is not only feasible but practical. Imagine all loyalty cards following suit… We have credit card sized loyalty cards that fill wallets and possess to overflowing. I personally have 28 of these cards. Reduction of size would make a huge difference to the size of my wallet’s burgeoning plastic bulge. Clipping the size also reduces mass. Think of the billions of cards going to landfill that will not decompose inside of 1000 years. Their entire design ethos needs to change but change will come, no matter what.

General public are usually educated to some degree but uneducated public are those who know nothing about policies and take no interest in the world beyond their own sphere of influence. If they cannot get fuel cheaply they moan. Driving a car doesn’t make you a qualified mechanic just as being general public does not qualify anyone as being educated either.

That’s mean :cry:

Is this topic to educate people or promote a product you’re creating?

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To suggest an idea :bulb: that card design is outdated and in dire need of an overhaul.

I think I’ll leave this topic now - your posts are becoming, well… patronising bordering offensive.


Ohhh so you want Monzo to do this?

If you’re suggesting a reduced size for environmental concerns why not push for a card free existence using mobile phones?

I can already pay for 99.9% using Google Pay, I can take ATM cash via app too (NatWest)


Don’t tell Trump. He’ll create a policy of launching all rocks and soil into space


My apologies, my Asperger’s is not socially acceptable to most people and I am quite direct as a result.

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Not that it’s socially unacceptable, just not understood that that’s the reason for your directness until you’ve just explained

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Blimey that must be a record. If you use StoCard you can make these virtual to save the wallet bulge.

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I’m glad you asked that. In some places a mobile phone is an invitation to be robbed. Not all countries and regions have technology for contactless use. A smaller card carried hidden in or under a watch on the other hand is less of a risk. A pouch in a leather belt could easily act as storage for small bank cards where current cards are simply too large. A SIM card sized version may be too small and easily lost except if required for specific reasons.

Thanks. I still cannot dispose of the cards in my wallet as they are membership cards, loyalty cards and ID security cards. The whole lot are just too large and could be reduced in size and still function as well. :confused:

Thanks - obviously I was unaware of that. However, I still (personally) would prefer something like “uninformed” to “uneducated”.

If someone is going to mug you for your phone, they aren’t going to be tempted just because they’ve seen you’re using contactless and have a pricey iPhone. They are going to be mugging you because they want your phone regardless, everyone carries a phone so a high chance without even seeing them use it, gone are the days of only a few people carrying phones, and they mostly cost the same these days. So I could mug that guy over there or that guy over there or the guy over there and roughly flog it for the same amount. The same applies about making a call in a dodgy area, you don’t do it or take precaution.

If you’re suggesting using a Watch, or payment ring would help this, they will be nicking your watch/jewellery too unless it’s basic.

Only if it actually existed. Which “biotropic design” doesn’t. Just because its a university project doesn’t make it an actual thing, potential or not, you’re misleading people.

This is your second claim that’s apparently come out of thin air. You still haven’t answered my first question about where you state as if fact that cards are to big.

Have you managed to determine how much oil exists when no one else has?

Oil supply is difficult to predict. There are several categories in which oil is classified. The common number that’s put in the news every now and then is the estimated years of oil production left for current reserves, and this tends to hover around the 501 year mark. i.e. if we stopped looking for oil we’d have 50 years of oil we can refine. This number doesn’t really go down so long as companies are replenishing reserves with new oil and new techniques for extracting oil from exiting locations.

Id be interested to know how you know how much oil exists when oil companies don’t?

You proposed making a smaller card that could attached to a full sized card anyway. This goes contrary to how you explain “biotropic design” (or how about just… green design).

If you wanted to achieve this, why wouldn’t you just get rid of cards all together? Your proposal doesnt fit ‘biotropic design’.

Source? This is another dramatic explicit claim that’s contrary to what everyone else seems to think. Where has this come from?

How do you propose we change the current system to accommodate new cards without the huge environmental impact that would occur?

Two things here. Asperger’s its self is perfectly acceptable by most people. Using it as an excuse though can come across negatively and may generally be frowned upon. You can be direct and also consider what words you’re using (it admittedly takes work and time).

This is your primary answer as to why your idea while considerate in trying to reduce plastic, doesn’t work. There’s a reason cards are the size they are, one of the big one is ergonomics. They are easy to handle, easy to mange, and a balance in size so that they are usable while also not that easy to lose.

Unless you have some research to back up your original claim, that cards are too big, I dont see how you’re coming to this conclusion except just your own personal preference. You need to look at the bigger picture.


Have you a smart phone?

I’ve added all my loyalty cards to GPay which negates the need to carry them around. Now I’ve a small card sleeve which has my Monzo and Amex card, driving licence and National Trust card.