✅ Bill Pots (previously Committed Spending Pot)

What is CASS?

It’s a service which makes it easy to change banks. It will transfer all of your direct debits and salty income to your new bank account.

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You should know if you’re a bank? :thinking: :speak_no_evil:

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Canis lupus familiaris?

I’d love a committed spending pot. At the moment, my workaround is to use the budgeting tool in Monzo - I calculated how much of my salary is left every month once committed spending has gone from my account and once I’ve siphoned cash off into savings pots, and I set my monthly budget to be what’s left - then my ‘left to spend’ becomes my working balance, and my main account total is somewhat redundant (until all committed spend has left the account).

A minor problem is that I’m on the beta version of the app, so currently the summary features (and therefore my working balance) are somewhat buried while they work through the redesign.

Ironically I’ve been a massive advocate of keeping the summary widget and info front-row-centre on the redesign because it’s telling me how much spendable cash is left in my account, but if I had a committed spending pot and my actual balance could then become my working balance, I’d need the summary info much much less.

Looks like it might be a while off yet :confused:


Wow, just wow!

@Jami As we can’t have multiple joints accounts, for me at least, a commited spending pot is essential to manage spending. I have just finished moving all of my commited spending over to Startling, and will just use the Monzo joint account for the day-to-day stuff. Starling is effectively my current commited spending pot :rofl:

Would really love to only use Monzo, so I look forward to this being worked on in the future!


I’m in the same camp. I’ve started using Starling as my Bills pot because I got tired of waiting for Monzo to stop fannying about flirting from one ill-designed project to the next without ever finishing any of them.

Looks like that isn’t going to happen any time soon.


I’m a bit surprised it’s not a higher priority… it just seems like it could be such a game changing feature to make Monzo light years ahead.


I guess there is more to it that what Monzo are letting on.

It’s the most highly requested feature yet other features (some that haven’t even been asked for) are taking priority :man_shrugging:


It was also highly praised, even in its internal rough and ready form, by some of the Monzo staff on here, so they are not unaware of the potential impact

Some of the corner cases are probably tricky


Exactly - moved my DDs manually to Starling for this reason.

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Well that’s disheartening.

Given neither of the two highest voted items (and yes I’m aware of the ‘skew’ the forum users may apply) here were “Paid Early”… I’m starting to lose heart a bit.

If Monzo could give us more transparency into what order they are currently working on things (even a 'this now, probably that next) and WHY they chose THIS over THAT then it might help but right now it feels very scattergun with little to no direction or leadership.

What is the goal of Monzo and how do any of the things they are work on help meet that? Is Paid Early a better set of functionality than Committed Spending Pot on that basis??? NO-ONE KNOWS!


To you and others that would have a use for it, sure - its Cheque Imaging 2.0

To give Monzo credit, they never suggested that voting on the forum would have any impact on the way Monzo develop things - and I said when voting opened that it would be pointless/ an error to allow voting because people feel entitled to the things they want to be developed (not saying everyone who votes does).

I 100000% agree here and think you’ve summed it up really well.

I definitely agree that with the loss of the Road Map and Big List it is hard to understand where, why or how things are getting done and it makes it feel quite messy (I suspect that is because it is very busy in Monzo atm).

Hopefully Monzo can screw their heads back on a bit and get back down to being a little more transparent and open as to what and why they are doing things.


Yup, aware the voting here means next to nothing. Yet now and then a Monzo person will comment on a thread so they ARE watching, so it can’t be meaningless and they have said the votes to have some influence (maybe not on a 1:1 ratio but still).

And no, this is NOT Cheque Imaging 2.0. That’s support for an antiquated and dying ‘technology’, this is a better way for many people to manage their money, giving clearer lines of demarcation and improved ability to control your outgoings.

Yes, Road Map (which the Business Accounts will apparently be getting) and Big List are missed, and if that’s because Monzo is ‘very busy’ then that’s worse (and a crappy excuse for a fintech, they SHOULD be busy!). Busy people is great if they are focused and well directed. Busy people firing into things as and then they want, and then moving on whenever they deem things ‘done’ is… well pretty much where we are now I think?

I love Agile development but my perception is that at the moment, the ‘agile’ is winning over the ‘business/customer’ views. It’s a common issue for maturing Agile teams… /shutsup


If voting did mean something though, Cheque Imaging/ Pots Sort Order and Committed Spend Pot would all be being worked on as a priority. I think it can help Monzo focus efforts, but as of right now, they have their own path (whatever that actually is).

But it is? I wasn’t speaking about the feature - but the treatment. Something a lot of people actively want, and the rest are “meh, might use it might not” - but has now been held back. Whether you think one feature is better than the other is subjective, someone who pays £1,000s in via cheque but is comfortable having their committed spend in their account would want imaging over committed pot. It is unfortunately the nature of the beast.

I’d rather they didn’t work on either because I wouldn’t use either (and therefore it wouldn’t help me manage my money, give me clearer line of demarcation and wouldn’t improve my control on outgoings) - as I wouldn’t use cheque imaging as I don’t use cheques.

We don’t know that they aren’t (albeit it appears a little miss-managed) however If Monzo came out with a formalised yet not set in stone pathway, I think a lot of forum users would feel a little better about things.

OK. Sure.

But no. I might not use this feature at all either but I can see the advantage of it. I see NO advantage in Cheque Imaging for the masses.

Anyway. Point made. Have a nice day.

Voting does mean something, but not everything. From what I’ve read, the majority of features built are decided on by the individual product teams based on the goals they’ve been set (eg: improving growth, improving customer retention, improving revenue etc…).

Voting is just a guide for the squads not how they prioritise what to build next, but it is a contributing factor when they make the decision.

But I don’t think that means voting means something? There has been nothing to suggest that anything voted on has been looked at differently because it has been voted on? Two of the three most voted things have been ‘dropped’ or at least are not being actively worked on. Nor have Monzo responded (from what I have seen) in direct relation to something that has been voted on highly.

I would prefer that voting be removed in its entirety as I don’t think personally it actually helps either Monzo or its customers.