Monzo's Speedy Android Development

Same. It’s been invaluable.


Very impressive! Is anyone doing something similar for iOS ?

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Cheers :grin:

I don’t think the same can be done (externally at least) to the iOS app. :thinking: I believe it would require monzo themselves to share the same / similar info to what I’ve extracted from the Android app :slight_smile:


Hey all, good sleuthing!

Regarding the current state of Committed Spending Pots - We put together a very rough proof of concept version in a couple of weeks to test internally. The main feedback we’ve received is that the problem is well worth solving, and that it’s really helping some people - but the current approach feels a little clunky, and has quite a few rough edges.

Before we release something to y’all - We want to improve some of the fundamentals of Summary (because what Committed Spending is quite closely tied, and might need some simplification first), we want to find an approach that’ll work well for people who don’t always have all the money they need to set aside for bills up front, and we want to make sure it doesn’t become another manual process that requires you to think too much about how much money you need to set aside.

I hope we can solve this one well though, to me it feels like one of the main problems we need to solve if we want to help people keep the benefits of a separate spending card, whilst also paying their bills via Monzo.



Glad to hear you guys have realised this :+1: Use my joint account for everything, haven’t had a sole account for years (until recently with Monzo/Starling)

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Remember the prepay card? That gave you hard edges on your discretionary spending. My theory is that your committed spending pot is giving you those hard edges back - the amount in your account left to spend really is the amount in your account left to spend. That sounds great, but I recon that rather than bespoke pots for things the better solution is to have the budget/summary feature better differentiate this for you. That’s my 10 cents, anyways.

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Does the app automatically put all required money into this pot each month, or is it a manual process?

I am SO excited for this feature.

This is great to be thinking of. If it helps, my scenario if all my committed spending was put into a pot on payday, I’d have no money in my account because my rent is massive but just before my housemates all have a standing order to pay me their share.

My only one gripe with Monzo currently is that I can’t seem to get the summary to recognise those incoming transfers as “comitted income” but it seems a committed spending pot is even better than what I’d hoped for!

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This would be amazing!

@Jami is there any update on how this is progressing, presumably the design of this will be going alongside the new look of the app?

Right now the ‘Committed Spending Pot’ (probably not the final name) isn’t being actively worked on, but the team that is working on Paid Early have it in their sights as something they might pick up next, and they’ve been exploring the designs for it. (I can’t promise that they’re going to work on it next, though!)


Wheres the dislike button :frowning_face:


Thanks for the update. I find it really positive to hear what the current status of my popular feature requests are even if it’s that they’re not in progress so I know what to expect.

I kind of wish that there was a section in Making Monzo for reature requests that included the current Monzo position, even if it was only updated once a quarter in line with the goal setting.


Sorry about this.

A lot of what was previously considered “roadmap” type stuff is being handed over to our Product Marketing folks who sit in each Product squad.

The end result of this is that folks should end up with more clear updates on what’s happening with specific features in development, and less chance of incorrect information, but it’s in a bit of a state of flux right now.


Hi @simonb :wave:t2:

Thanks for providing an idea as to what we can expect.

I think in the main, it isn’t the exact nitty gritty details we are so bothered by (these tend to come with time and the closer a thing is to being released) but what exactly is being worked on/ targeted/ looked at.

Right now it feels a tad random, iOS and Android having different things seemingly pop-up and then random things like getting paid early seem to come out of nowhere.

Goal posts and time scales change and I’m okay with that - it just feels like we are a little out of the loop as to what is going on with anything now - appreciate it is hard to do but that was one of the things I loved on the forum :smile:


Add to this the removal of the monthly update emails also i suppose which adds to the feeling of unknown

This is totally fair.

Early on, we had our Trello board, which was a good way of tracking what was being worked on in real time. Then, we had Making Monzo and The Big List. We had some active product threads on here too, and it got a bit out of hand.

So, we built the in-app roadmap. A huge amount of work was put into this, and it looks great and is pretty seamless within the app. But I’m not sure if it’s turned out to be a perfect solution either.

Really the issue is now that the company is just so much bigger than it used to be.

So, for example, Business Banking is a team that has it’s own roadmap (Funnily enough, on Trello)

We have a Growth & Engagement team working on lots of different things. As the name suggests, their aim is to both attract new users and offer things that makes all users engage more. For example, increasing salaried users. The feature you may have seen talk about this week, called “Get Paid Early” is an example of something that came from this team.

Monzo Plus team, of course, have their own internal roadmap of things they are working on, and so do the Savings & Investments team. Monzo Points, Energy Switching, Remortgaging are all things being worked on to various degrees across different teams. International team, of course, have their own roadmap.

It’s a pretty gargantuan task at this point not just to provide a really great overview of everything being worked on, but also to ensure it’s regularly maintained, updated etc.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but I think figuring this all out is part of the transition I mentioned before - with Product Marketing folks working within specific areas of the business taking the responsibility to keep our community updated on everything being worked on. Some of those things will naturally be more frequent than others - for example, some areas working heavily with partner companies in any capacity may not be able to update as frequently because of third parties being involved.


Can I apply for the Monzo Chief Updater role please? :innocent:

I’ll continually run around all the departments to collate the timelines and provide one giant roadmap for everyone :blush:


That’s a really good update, thanks Simon. This is something I have been thinking about recently and it’s a real shame that the roadmap is not transparent anymore, to a degree it makes the whole company feel less transparent. I hope that the new Product Marketers are able to bring some of this transparency back. The big list was a huge hit and while it would be hard to keep this going with so many teams I really thing the customer engagement with it is worth it.

Looking forward to seeing this improve.

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