Bill Pot - left to pay 💰

I’m an IOS user and use bill pots and find they work really well. As a slight upgrade is there any scope to display differently the bills that are left to pay? Potentially a symbol on the row or bold font? If this already exists but then any guidance would be appreciated! Keep up the good work Monzo :+1:t2:

I’m on Android and underneath each direct debit that is set to come out of that pot, it displays the ‘expected’ date.

This shows me which are still to be taken and when.

I would quite like it if they were date ordered to make things like what is left more obvious

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It’s the most infuriating thing trying to work out which ones next 🤦 it was in date order with my old bank and it was easy to look at a glance, saying that it’s all paid out by bills pot so it shouldn’t really matter as it’s not like I need to look

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Mine are in order? Granted it’s a rolling order, so when my phone bill goes it, it would have been at the top and then it goes to the bottom, but they are in order of what I’m going to pay next.


Is that iOS? I’m on Android and they are alphabetical.

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:point_up: :point_right: on :android: they are both chronological and alphabetical in a Bills pot. First, the Scheduled payments & standing orders are shown in chronological order, then - without any visual break - Direct debits are shown in alphabetical order.

Both the Scheduled payments upcoming transaction list and the Bills Pot upcoming transaction list need work :rage: They’re messy.

Only just noticed that. The reason I hadn’t noticed the split between SOs and DDs is because I have a DD that comes out once a year and it coincidentally does create a break.

Agree that it needs to be consistent.

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So it doesn’t look like this on Android?

This was something I really liked about Monzo when I moved everything over, it’s very easy to see your bills.

Mine are in date order, but then I have two at the bottom that Monzo just hasn’t realised are monthly and loses its mind over for some reason

nope! On Android they are alphabetical order for DD from pot

No, it doesn’t look like that on Android unfortunately. A Bills pot transaction list example is shown below. The red line in the image doesn’t exist (only there for indication) - it represents where the top section (in chronological order) ends and the lower section (in alphabetical order) begins. A very mixed up list…

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Wow this doesn’t look right. I have added this issue to our list of “future improvements for Bills Pots”, but no guarantees on the timeline :grimacing:


I don’t think the issue is generated from the Bills pot transaction list - the main issue is the Payments/Scheduled transaction list. The top section (‘Scheduled payments & standing orders’) is listed correctly in chronological order, but the lower section (‘Subscriptions & Direct Debits’) is listed in Alphabetical order.

I’m of the opinion that it’s the alphabetical ordering of subscriptions & D/D’s transactions in Payments/Scheduled which is the root of the listing display mess on Android (which is then carried through to the Bills pot transaction list)