Better way to balance your money in Trends is here ⚖️

Almost certainly; you wouldn’t want to bias it and kid yourself it’s going to work better that it in reality will. Would be nice if they put this stuff into labs though so anyone who wants to get it can; I’d imagine past a certain point in any rollout the number of people who would dig it out of labs and enable it would be minuscule.


Looks good, I’m still waiting for this update to be pushed to me will hopefully have it soon.


Yep looking good and realised I now have this on my plus account.


Question for Monzo @avb @AlanDoe

Is the pace of rollout cause it’s manual vs automated? I’m guessing this is so you can check things work as they should before pushing it to everyone?

Thanks for the hard work and looking forward to testing it out


It’s manual, we set a minimum app version and a % of users who should get access. Once we’re happy with how one phase of the rollout is looking, we up the % again

It’s a little complicated by experiment setup on top of it as well, but that’s mostly the gist of it

Which means, as a few of you have called out, we don’t rollout further over the weekends (as we’re not working) leading Monday to be a day we often look at increasing the rollout after a bunch of data from the weekend


Hey thanks for the reply.

That makes sense and what I was expecting to see.

Good luck with the rollout, looking forward to trying it out :slight_smile:

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Day #3

Morning check :no_entry_sign: :no_good_man:

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It’s all about Monday (and weekdays)!


A couple more thoughts from me:

  • A future iteration that brought some more smarts would be amazing. For example, I have a 0pc credit card I’m paying off over time. On the Monzo account side Pulse sees the payment out and predicts it, but although the data is in Monzo to know about it, the connected credit card doesn’t predict the payment coming in.

  • I think I’m struggling a bit with the Total Money In and Total Money Out figures. They don’t mean anything to me, instead I find myself wanting three high level figures: income (salary, interest, bonuses etc all of which have different categories), bills (basically my standing orders and direct debits) and discretionary payments (more or less my card purchases).

  • I find myself wanting to see total savings balances (with graph) on the Balance page too.

  • I also find myself wanting to tap Estimated Balance and see a breakdown / list of future transactions that have generated the calculation. And even add ones I know are coming up.


Good luck to everyone in the big Pulse lottery.

May @avb smile on you this day. :crossed_fingers:





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I don’t have it (yet) and looking forward to it.

One thing I’d like to see next @avb & team is more granular spending insights, these could be in the form of a dashboard or something similar.

One of the things I like most about Natwest’s tracker (which for the most part isn’t as nice as trends :eyes: ) is the little “call to actions” it has per category such as the below.

Would be great to see something similar with Trends one day, but it’s a good journey and really looking forward to being part of that.


I’d also love to see something like this. I’m sure its in the pipeline as we already get notifications with those kind insights in them (you’re spending more than last month etc), they’re just not exposed explicitly in the app yet.



  • I have it! :slight_smile:
  • I don’t have it. :frowning:

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Still no dice :frowning:


Yikes, that’s not a good result. I expect levers haven’t been pulled quite yet. :crossed_fingers:

(Also: please privately publish my past and expected transactions as a calendar I can subscribe to).

Daybridge integration :drooling_face:



My guess is Monday is sweep up, data review and Tuesday onwards is mega trendz day (well, for some :-))

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But I want it today :frowning: