Better receipt image handling

Through tapping around, I can’t seem to find a way to view an uncropped receipt image once uploaded. A square image doesn’t do me much good when most receipts are long and the image capture flow makes no indication that it will be cropped in this way.

It was also rather difficult to find how to delete an image, with no feedback on touches (like how iOS app icons dim on touch down), the image doesn’t feel it can be interacted with at all. On the subject of this, I don’t feel like the large jiggling image and tiny delete button with no confirmation is quite right in this situation, especially since a destructive action like this should require very deliberate confirmation.

Additionally, if you hold on an image until it jiggles, tap in to the note field and back out, the image stops jiggling but the delete button remains.

I know it’s not at all standard and a lot of work to get right but I’d look at maybe taking some inspiration from how Tweetbot handles attached images in the compose tweet screen.

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I too have experienced this.

It would be great if I could tap on the image and it loads the full uncropped image fullscreen and will allow me to pinch and zoom in :slight_smile:


Just discovered this (sadly not free) SDK which can be useful for things like receipt scanning:

This one is free: (but haven’t tried it so no idea how well it works)

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Yeah, sorry about this. It’s on our bug list to fix. The full image is there - we just need to let you view it. And ideally export them all.

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Also thought this. I use Evernote’s scannable to scan my receipts, which is great to flatten and make pictures of receipts easier to read - would be good as a standard feature directly in the Mondo app.


Yes some better handling would be nice.
features like cropping, contrast enhancement, and other things that improve readability would be welcome.

Some sort of processing to do OCR or auto-align the edges of receipts, etc, like TinyPDF does would be really good, too.

I would actually suggest not reinventing the wheel here, but rather trying to come up with a workflow that lets us use a third-party app like Evernote or Scanner Pro that already has good receipt scanning, and conveniently get those images back into Mondo.

Allowing the iOS document picker as well as the photo library would be a big step forwards for those with external scan workflows.

My current workflow uses an HP all-in-one unit to scan directly to a network share (my Synology NAS), then pulling the image to my phone’s photo library using the Synology DS File app, bringing that in to Mondo using the photo picker and deleting the intermediate copy on the phone. Since DS File is registered as a document provider, using the document picker means I can skip this middle step.

The same applies to using cloud services (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.) with scanners such as Doxie. Also with Evernote Scannable (but not the main service? It’s been a while since I used Evernote) or any other dedicated mobile scanning app.

I don’t believe that receipts really belong in the photo library, especially if it wasn’t taken with a phone camera. It’s just not the right place for them.

Phone camera pics of receipts are still a valid use-case. Specially for company expenses, as you are probably on the go on those occasions. In most cases we will submit those phone pictures to Concour or similar tool the company uses. So a use-case that allows one to snap a pic of the receipt and do not care anymore about the hardcopy is welcome.

There should be no need to depend on third-party tools or other apps.
Adding intelligent cropping, skew correction and contrast adjustment on the capture process (in app) drastically improves the quality and readability of those documents. Adding OCR on top of this to extract adicional metadata and it would be extra-awome. But this one might be tricky to do right, as receipt formats are not standard… :disappointed:


Very much agree with you on this. Scannable integration would be awesome!

Will Miners just shared this story in the developer community -

Perhaps receipt reading from a paper receipt won’t be necessary! :pray:


Very interesting, your link just lead me to search for this.

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Ben’s link is to the Tap & Tag website, from the BBC story -

Kevin Kane - marketing director for Tag Retailer Systems, which is working with Tesco - says its “Tap and Tag” system has advantages for retailers and shoppers.

It’s great to see Tesco partnering with that company, I’d love to see a standard being established for providing digital receipts.


“There are people who still pay by cheque - digital probably will dominate but there will still be those who want a paper receipt,” says Mr Carroll.

Caroline Abrahams, Age UK’s charity director, says a paperless future is “still very distant” for some older people who have never used the internet.

Steve Jobs Stanford 2005 commencement speech -

Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.


I’m hoping more places start doing digital receipts. I’d possibly set up a separate email address just for receipts.

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I do too, but if they use Tap & Tag, or something similar, then there’s no need as you remain anonymous to the merchant. I’d prefer they all integrated with one though, or perhaps an agreed standard where they can viewed from one place but collected by different apps and services.

An agreed standard would be perfect. A service that taps in via your card would be the perfect solution.

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I need to submit my receipts with my bank statements (for expenses incurred in a foreign currency). Attaching the receipt to each purchase, categorising each purchase then being able to export the category (statement and receipts) would be useful to me.

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The ability to pinch to zoom on receipts is needed. At the moment I can attach receipts but can’t actually read the text on them afterwards.

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Or perhaps just open them in the default image handling program of the phone? That’s bound to have the functionality people need in most cases.