Better Pot scheduling

We need better ways to put money i to pots

I have income every 4 weeks but cant schedule them to go into my
Pots as you only support Weekly Or Monthly what about those of us who dont get paid on a set date?

This is due to Android vs iOS parity

4 weeks available on Android and not iOS (still waiting)

However, with salary sorter you can do this every 4 weeks is somewhat manual if you need to change the amounts to change other than schedule payments but again these need to be cancelled and recreated if needs changes to the amount


I still don’t understand why things have to rely on dates.

Why can’t an action be as a direct result of an event, not a date.

Let me define my income by the amount (and use expressions for varying amounts), reference of the sender of the payment, and not the date it comes in which changes every month.

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Set up some ifttt widgets this is how I used to move the money before the 4 week schedule functionality was introduced in android

Just need 4 week direct debits as an option nownas well