Being paid in other currencies


Can I use my Monzo card to be paid in another currency, for example, Australian Dollars (AUD $)?


Not really. There is a load of discussions here (click the title for context)

but the tl;dr is that Monzo will eventually introduce IBAN, but no fixed timeline, and no confirmation about non-SEPA international payments anyway.

If you need international payments consider Money, transferwise, revolut, or others.

(Simon B) #3

Although we don’t yet support international payments, you could use a service like TransferWise to transfer a foreign currency amount into Monzo. However we only store currency in GBP so it would be converted into GBP at the Mastercard rate upon receipt.

(Change Works) #4

Wouldn’t Transferwise convert the AUD to GBP?

(Simon B) #5

Yeah, where the conversion happens would be dependent on the service used :slight_smile: