Beginner: Can't even get the index.js to show up

I am very new so I apologise in advance as I am sure this is very straight forward but I simply cannot find this out. I have followed what looks to be the only tutorial on the internet for getting started with the Monzo API ( ). I have an index.js which is supposed to show an authentication screen up but it just shows the raw source code when I try to access index.js.

Is there something I have to do to get it to show up?

Hey Jason, do you have a link to this tutorial? I expect you’ll need an index.html file that loads the JS file.

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You can’t just view a .JS file. If it’s a client-side script it needs to be included in a HTML file (presumably index.html) or if it’s node.js you need to install node.js and run it with node index

Here is the tutorial:

I believe it is node.js since it has node based dependencies, though when I do ‘node index’ I don’t see anything happen.

The tutorial I used was:

Thanks for lending a hand.

I had a quick look at the tutorial. I believe you will have to open http://localhost:3000 while running node index.js.

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Yes you were correct!
I was trying to access it by going through the path directly e.g. localhost/xampp/monzo/index.js which is why it didn’t work.

Shows up now at least, thank you!

Just need to work out why it doesn’t do anything on submit button now.