Don't go, coral card! 😍

(Naomi Wilding) #131

I’m not apposed to these all black all white cards at all, so long as the hot coral stays too! Like Apple gives you 2-3 stament colour options with their phones, maybe Monzo could give you this choice of three stylish colours? Let people decide what they want when they get a new card? Is that possible?


I like the coral card,but also like the stylish blue. Maybe just have a few color choices,but coral should definitely be one.

(Peter Unitt) #133

Think you’ve hit on an important point there.

Monzo is all about challenging the way banking works. It makes every sense for the card itself to be totally different from current banks. Here’s why-

  1. It gets people talking “ooh that’s a nice card, what bank is that?”
  2. The target audience itself are people who are not content with current banks, they want something different, make it obvious.
  3. Monzo is a modern bank, corporate colours and design doesn’t work, make the card modern.

Now, I’m not saying that the coral colour is the correct choice here, all I’m saying is that it needs to be noticeably different than high street banks. I’m sure this is already a challenge for the designers though.

(Tom Kiss) #134

Absolutely agree.

I love the colour, its fantastic. My preference would be to make coral the default, and have a secondary perhaps less statement colour(s) as an option.

This might at some point also help people who have multiple cards.
My current bank only gives plain black cards- my joint and current accounts are forever being muddled because there’s no differentiation apart from the printed, and rapidly faded, numbers on them. It’s so frustrating I stick colourful patterned tape on them them help me!


Be bold,be different. As mentioned before you want to be different so go wild with some colors. All my cards so far are black,grey or silver. All very corporate and nice in their own way,but my Monzo card is definately the one you can easily see in my wallet. Now if you are drawn to it,one would assume you would use it more!?

Chuck some CashBack in on spending and you’d have a massive hit. If you have my Wife one with cashback you’re profits would be guaranteed,she can never stop spending!


There is a poll in a post called “Go, coral card!” where you can express your support for the Monzo card Be gone, coral card!

(Dan Warriner) #137

I am constantly surprised and delighted by the amount of people that reply to this thread every day expressing love for the hot coral (and the folks who are somewhat indifferent to it [they’re based here now Be gone, coral card!]). With the likes of @hugo (and even @tomkiss of Media Molecule fame bows down) getting involved, it’s obviously proving to be a popular ‘issue’.

I do agree that the coral colour isn’t exactly for everyone - it doesn’t suit everyone’s personalities - so having 2 options of colour would be a great idea (however I’m not sure what the cost implications of this would be).

Thanks so much to everyone who contributes to this thread! And now it looks like we have a wee battle going on with the ‘Go, coral card’ lot :wink:

((☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)) #138

Once there’s current accounts it’ll become a moot point what colour the card is really, as you’ll able to use it Apple/Android Pay for most things.

Ninja edit: However, I love the coral.

(Dan Warriner) #139

As suggested, I have created a poll independent of either post so it’s impartial so we can get the community’s general consensus of the preferred card colour.

The poll can be found here POLL: Card Colour (it’s on neutral ground!).

Happy voting!

(Ash Kierans) #140

I wonder how far we are away from Reddit-esque ‘Great Orangered/Periwinkle Clash’…


I have to be honest, the coral card wouldn’t have been my colour of choice. The navy one looks much better!

(fabianviktor_flatz) #143

Probably keep the coral. I know you wanna be all grown up now that you are ‘proper’ bank, but then you look just like all the other banks. Just look what N26 has done with their new card:

(Ashley Tayles) #144

Ughhh look at that. Screams boring.

The Coral helps the identity. I’ve had friends, co-workers and shop assistants all spark conversations regarding the card. I wouldn’t talk about banks with any of these people before, but because the card is bright and vibrant when I whip it out, people are interested.

No ones interested when I pull out my dull blue and silver Halifax card.


How about making the card a different colour on each side…but, Coral on the Front…and a dull navy blue/black on the back for all those who want their card to look just like any other bank

((☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)) #146

I said it before but I’d love to see Monzo do something along these lines.

That red edging is :ok_hand:!

If the Hot Coral was to go from the front/back of the card then I think it should live on as the edging of the card at least.


Maybe keep the coral on front and back and have a red or navy blue edge :slight_smile: Don’t go Coral card!

((☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)) #148

That would work nicely for me. I love the Hot Coral.


Yeah that works nicely as a hot highlight IMO…

(Gregg Coull) #151

The coral, but with the same patterned texture added to it like in that gif would probably look pretty cool. I like that the card is totally different in colour to all other bank cards :slight_smile:

(Sam) #152

Edge colours like the previously mentioned nationwide card can look excellent.

I really like the idea of personalised cards. I’d be willing to pay extra to customise the card as other vendors have done in the past.