Basic bank accounts for users with no UK credit history

Not sure if this is in the right category so apologies in advance if it is.

I was telling my friend about this app and was wondering if you’ll also offer basic bank accounts for people who either have bad credit or no credit. As he’s new to the country he’s found it difficult to get credit cards etc because he’s never had any credit in this country.

Would be a good way to help people who have these issues.

Obviously this will be sometime does the line but would be handy option to have.


Judging by Jonas’ comment today about providing Monzo’s accounts to even less fortunate members of society than your friend, he might be able to sign up for a Monzo account sooner than you’d expect :tada: -

Monzo won’t be providing credit cards but the first product, that they’ll be offering this year, will be overdrafts & Tom (Monzo’s CEO) is considering some very innovative sounding alternatives.