Basic account / payment option for travel expenses for vulnerable people

This is a question to Monzo and the wider community.

A project I work on offers travel expenses to volunteers, usually small amounts under £5 per time.

The large public sector organisation managing the project isn’t set up to make small cash payments, and it would need volunteers to come into their offices, so they usually pay by bank transfer.

However some volunteers, especially the most vulnerable for whom cash might not be ideal, don’t have bank accounts.

The local bus company takes contactless payment and PingIt. It also allows gift tickets via their app, but only to children.

The bus company no longer offers multi journey tickets, which is how we’d have managed it in the past.

Is there an option that Monzo could deliver, perhaps a card that can only be used with certain suppliers, or a stripped down account for a narrow use? We’d like to help people improve their financial management but that is outside our scope at the moment.

I know in other countries payments to mobile are common, such as Mpesa in Kenya - is there a similar option in the UK?

All ideas and suggestions welcome. Thank you!

Paym, most banks have this but it needs the user to enable it first.

As for accounts, what would stop someone opening a basic bank account?

There are several banks which are required to provide basic bank accounts which might get you what you need. Would be great to see Monzo look at something similar!

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Hi - Just revisiting this. Some of the people we work with would feel tempted to use the money for other things, so having a voucher/ card/ account would mean they would always have the money for travel.