Barclays tops list of banks with most IT shutdowns

With the backlash of the recent issues and people turning their nose up at Monzo I’ll leave this here

I wonder why Monzo wasn’t on the list? Would Monzo declare the info?

So many questions :thinking:, what do you wonderful people think?


Barclays regularly shut down at night for maintenance so not such an accurate picture.

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A shutdown is a shutdown is a shutdown.

As someone who does a lot of their internet banking admin and payments at night, any bank that regularly shuts down at night for maintenance is a terrible experience for me.

Luckily, I’ve never had a Barclays account. Though I did have a credit card once which I cancelled largely because I frequently struggled to log in to pay it off due to ‘scheduled maintenance’.

Even if I wasn’t inconvenienced, regular overnight shutdowns screams “creaking legacy backend” to me, which doesn’t at all inspire confidence.


I guess it hasn’t bothered me too much because I moved my main account from them to Monzo.

But I hope it’s because they are trying to catch up with challenger banks, if management are giving them permission for so much down time I hope it means that they are taking fintech seriously, and it does make them look like they’re doing the most out of all legacy banks.


Monzo is obliged to share the info like other banks. You can see their stats here but I suspect they weren’t very newsworthy:



There is a very big difference between scheduled maintenance with plenty of warning in the middle of the night, and unplanned outages during peak hours.

Also, it’s clear that “major” issues are open to interpretation, as I’m sure we can all remember a hell of a lot more than those Monzo have reported in that screenshot.

I’ve not been affected by a single Barclays “outage” and only been affected by Monzo once, so it’s very much a “your mileage may vary” situation.


Actually, no. Because these things are regulated and retorted on there needs to be a level playing field. So the EBA had published extensive guidance on what to report. If you’re suffering from insomnia, it’s linked from this page for your reading delight.

As a taster, this is the sort of thing:

Now, we might disagree on these definitions, but we can be reasonably confident that the relative stats for different banks are comparative.

This I do agree on. For all the furore on here I’ve never been caught out in a Monzo incident. I have been for the high street banks and Starling.

Ultimately, while the stats give a factual and comparative view, and will give a sense of the probability that things might go wrong, I think they need to be looked at in combination with a few things: how will you feel when something goes wrong? How quickly are things made right? How does the bank behave during/after an incident and what is its approach to fixing the problem and the root cause?


Open to interpretation was the wrong phrase… it’s more…

Based on the comments on this forum over the past year when there have been outages of the FPS, cards not working or other things… I’m confident there will be numerous people who disagree that there has only been “1” issue recently.

An unlucky customer who is trying to pay for their weekly shop in a busy Tesco and ends up having their card declined unexpectedly… is worse than scheduled maintenance at 3am for the vast majority of people.

I imagine that most people of all banks actually rarely suffer with any of the outages from these banks.

Take away social media and the news, and it’s likely very few people in general.

Not surprised at all by this

Apart from their planned maintanence there were multiple times i tried to use the app and it came up with error messages and wouldnt open or a ‘try again later’ message

As someone who’s just moved back to Barclays after the Pin failure by monzo.

Here’s some reasons why in my view Barclays are better than Monzo:

  • Ability to manage money through an online website - My phone had to be repaired and Monzo’s poor customer service meant I wasn’t able to access money in a Pot. Compared to barclays which have online but worse case physical banks.
  • Proper ISAs (Not ones offered via third parties including ones like Help 2 Buy)
  • Don’t store my pin incorrectly.

Frankly I’ve experienced more issues overall with Monzo than when I was with barclays before switching hence moving back.

Which is all very lovely, but not really what’s being discussed here.

Anyway, glad you’re happy now…


I’m surprised TSB didn’t rank top…

Well they only had 1 instance. It just lasted 6 months