Barclays online

Barclays online banking will be taking a day off from 23:30 on Saturday till 15;30 on Sunday. Good Luck :wink:

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It’s a pain but they do give plenty of warnings in the app. And Easter Sunday so big shops aren’t allowed to open, best time for it really. They were down for half an hour when the clocks changed last weekend.

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I mean the whole ringfencing thing has to be done at some point so easter sunday is a good day todo it…


They have been doing this for months. A Sunday here, a Sunday there…

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Are the other banks managing to do this without downtime, or have they not started moving people yet?

Think it depends when their plans are approved by the courts. As far as I know Barclays were one of the first and have 75% that need to be ringfenced

The ring-fence thing I can live with, as said they do give fair warning. The problem with their app is it’s now so secure it’s almost unusable. A bloody big banner to show contactless is enabled, an almost daily log in required or it will be disabled. Phone randomly and incorrectly detected as rooted. And sometimes multiple failed logins requiring the pin sentry ritual.

You think that is secure. One bank in the far east was experimenting with a blood test ID, trialing diabetes like pin pricks…their trial failed.

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Really? I don’t have any of those problems. Thumb print to log in, every 10 or so log ins 5 digit pin instead. I don’t have a contactless banner or requirement to log in every so often. Haven’t used my pin sentry in years

Unless yours is business or investment

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The pin sentry card readers are a bit bulky. I still have a slimmer version from the same manufacturer in a leather pouch intended for premier or private banking customers. That still is huge, as I have a cardless pin sentry from Luminor bank that is milimetres thick and about half the height and width.

Sounds like it’s improved in the time since I gave up on it - must be a year. Maybe I’ll give it another try.

I really can’t fault it. Can even send to new payees now on the app without the annoyance of having to go to the desktop and use the pinsentry. Their graph at the top showing income and outgoings is a bit random. Yesterday it was showing all from 29th December but today it’s from 12th February :woman_shrugging:

But they really have made it show what it should now which is a huge improvement

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Had another look at it - no finger print login on Android. The graph thing looks to be just as useful as Pulse😀

Edit. Ah, I guess you are using Apple Pay. Barclays went their own sweet way with Android and a convoluted mess it is to.