Barclaycard increasing minimum payment…

I always pay more than the minimum payment anyway so it doesn’t effect me as such but just got this text from Barclaycard…

Is this normal or is this a bit dodgy? “Because it helps you pay it off quicker” yeah no brainer… But what’s the actual reason?

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That is the actual reason. Lenders are legally obliged to ensure borrowers clear debt as quickly as possible.


Is this the first time they’ve texted you? Perhaps see if theres others and compare the text or just give them a call to double check.

I don’t think I’ve heard of financial institutions increasing payments without permission but energy companies do it so I don’t think it would be too unbelieveable?

Edit: I see we have the answer!

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First time ever, part of the reason I found it weird

Makes sense, weird though cause I always clear it each month (hence me always paying more than the minimum) so its not like I’ve got credit just sat there not getting paid off

Edit: Worth noting they’ve not actually sent me any emails so maybe it was sent in error, who knows

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Credit card companies normally do this when you’re paying the minimum or somewhere around it but that you’re unlikely to be reducing your balance with your interest rate in a reasonable time. There was a bit of a push on financial companies to protect the welfare of customers in perpetual debt.

If you pay your balance in full each month I don’t really see why you’d get this text. Very odd. [Edit: misread, you don’t pay in full, just more than the minimum]

Barclaycard called it persistent debt, but essentially it’s here:

Paying the minimum doesn’t always mean you can keep your account as is.


OP doesn’t, according to first line of their post.

I’m sure I’ve seen a thread somewhere else on the internet showing that by making minimum payments only, it could take a decade or more to pay off even relatively small sums (<£1000) and during that time you’d pay back something like almost twice what you owe.

So it makes sense to increase minimum payments to be a higher % of outstanding balance



Ah, I clearly missed that bit :man_facepalming::rofl:

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Haha bloody hell I just updated my post thinking I misread but then I’d didn’t.


I just skimmed their second post :man_facepalming::grin:

Bravo for having 118 unread messages. I don’t know how anyone copes with having that high a number!


i recently went through and deleted a lot, it was 4x that at one point hahahah

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Now I feel anxious. It doesn’t even show in the inbox anymore. Just given up….


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Organised chaos


I’d just close that email account down, open new and start fresh :sweat_smile:

My inboxes have always been kept tidy, aka empty pretty much.


Somewhere in all those unread emails is one from Barclaycard explaining the changes to the minimum monthly payment.


:rofl::rofl: i’ve checked, deffo no email in there

You know you can just select them all and mark as read right :sweat_smile:

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