Bar tab reminder

(Dave Shaw) #1

How many times have you woken up the next day and realised you set up a tab in the pub the night before and left your card behind? Maybe not as many as me, but it would be a great feature to be able to set a reminder (both time and when you leave a location - i.e. Pub) so you get a reminder to settle your tab and get your card back.

(Ben Green) #2

Not a bad idea. It very closely relates to this idea I had

(David Lynn) #3

Maybe the places I use a bar tab in are a bit different. But I have found that they simply take your card without processing it in any way.

Without any action like a ‘pub transaction’ :mondo:onzo would have no way of knowing you have started a bar tab.

Triggering this event would then have to be a manual process which I would probably guess was better for an external app, calendar or geofencing app for example.

A app like that wouldn’t be too hard to create, for instance remind me at such a time or if I stray from my current GPS by X meters. But again I would guess it would be a lot of overhead for Monzo.

However an app like that could use the API to detect a finishing transaction, dismissing the notification.

But I agree that a very simple way of setting reminders would be great on our phones, I find setting up simple reminders in Google calendar a bit tedious. :smile:

(Ben Green) #4

This idea is something different that doesn’t require you to leave the card with the bartender, or use of geofencing or calendars. Just spend on your card as normal. When reaching the category spend limit for your selected timeframe, it’d automatically raise the amount on your tab.

(Oliver Ford) #5

I just want to weigh-in slightly off-topic to add that this is another reason (that hadn’t previously occurred to me) that the ease with which we can freeze :monzo: cards is awesome.

Okay, of course a committed fraudster can still note the digits down, but having it inoperable for the duration it’s out of your possession certainly raises the barrier.

(David Lynn) #6

I think these topics are getting slightly mixed possibly.

The original suggestion here requested that a reminder was given to pay their tab at the end of the night. So that the user can remember to retrieve their card.

Using a tab means there is not the continual payment, instead just a single final transaction. If you wish to have a tab you in most situations will have to leave your card with the bar.

Definitely though, paying for each round separately would avoid the problem as you wouldn’t have to leave your card at the bar, then this could be notified/frozen at the user’s discretion. However the user then loses the convenience of a tab, especially if a number of people are ordering from it.

(Leo Spanswick) #7

The way it works at the pub I work is we get you to insert your card in our car d machine and enter your PIN when you set up the tab. Whether this is a pre-auth or just a card active check I’m not sure, but we can then process the payment without the card if you drunkenly walk out without paying us.