Bankbot Malware

Got an E-Mail from my bank today regarding Bankbot Malware, never heard of it as I am on iOS also may be region specific but thought I would share the online version here anyway.

Their app should be filtering overlays anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a fair warning, but it’ll be gone from the play store by now anyway… no way malware could last from september 4th till today without google’s anti malware bots being updated to kill it (I’d be somewhat surprised if it lasted more than a day or two).

That’s also why you never grant accessibility permissions to anything (and why it’s a separate manual permission that an app can’t enable automatically).

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Just like most of these malware it requires the user to literally open the door for them by giving it the required permissions. Most people wouldn’t let a complete stranger in their home just because he asks nicely, so maybe they should learn to do the same online? :blush: