I don't even know if I want this fixed

Dear Monzo,

As you can see, my flatmate, Greg, is taking full advantage of the fact that you can edit payment references on Android and not on iOS. Needless to say, I am the one on iOS.

Not only does this leave room for tomfoolery, but it also means I can’t organise my transactions by adding keywords to them.

I sincerely hope this issue will be addressed.

Thanks in advance.



With all that lube you’ll be able to fit the whole 2 packs in :joy:


My friends finace had to explain to the mortgage company why he had similar comments on his bank statement :joy: .

You should really be able to edit just your own account not someone elses even for the same transaction. Yes, it probably would mean having to duplicate backend stuff but would stop the fun and games.


Yes Greg :ok_hand:

People love doing this in banks :rofl:


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