Bank transfers - remember personal/biz account

I have to enter it every time I pay the same recipient.

Even if I selected personal every time.

Could set it on the contact page. Or could just default to whatever I last used.

Could you expand a little more, are you referring to references/invoice numbers?

Rather than clicking on β€œPay Somone” if you go click on Payees (Just above the pay someone link), from there you can add favourite groups, for example, I have one for family and another for my own accounts, and they will remain there available to select until you remove them.

You should also be able to select the name in recent and tick the favourite button to keep them there.

I hope this helps


Aha looks like it prefills the account type if I go to pay from the contacts page.

However, for the same contract, if I go from…
home tab β†’ tap previous payment β†’ β€œsend money to [name]”

Then I have to enter the account type again

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