Bank transfer to Iceland


How do I do this? ISK is not in the list of currencies.



think you’d have to use Transferwise directly, not through the Monzo app

edit: My bad, they don’t have it either

Looks like Revolut supports ISK -

Edit: Looks like they don’t either.

If you actually read that link, they do not support transferring ISK. They only support spending in ISK (as do Monzo).

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For some reason I thought they had an option to do bank transfers without TransferWise and TransferWise was just one of the options :pensive:.

TransferWise is very limited it seems.

Yeah I had fun trying to work out how to do this a while ago and all the external transfer sites I looked at didn’t support ISK. Thankfully the small business I was trying to pay had a card reader so they just put me through manually as cardholder not present. No idea what you’d do otherwise! Do legacy banks do ISK (with hefty commission no doubt)? Travellers Cheques?! Post some real currency in £/€/ISK?!!


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Yes, and yes.