Bank cards needed

I have been looking on Craigslist London in services then financial and there are adverts for persons to give over bank cards and or account details for the below, and they make money.
Monzo Halifax Barclay PayPal Ebay accts
The scammers are on this site… scams done from here…

As you said yourself other banks are victims of this too. This doesn’t mean Monzo (or any other financial institution for that matter) is complicit.

In fact most threads here about accounts being closed are made by people either intentionally participating in such schemes or being too stupid to realize.

Also, the fact that such schemes are openly advertised on public platforms prove how little law enforcement cares about this. They can very well sign up to these schemes with “honeypot” accounts and use those to collect information about the other accounts and people involved in the scam and shut them down that way.


Or vulnerable

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