Bank Account Number/Sort Code On Debit Card

I’m guessing an example could be an ex sending multiple 1p transactions, including a message after having to block them via every other messaging app you’ve ever used.


Wow; thanks guys. I found the subject that I talk about in the flagged post to have been a serious concern at the time and something I had premptively discussed with others before.

I agree with other forum users who state that the flagging situation within the forum has gone way too far. I don’t believe my comment has broken any of the forum rules and was an on topic answer to a question another user asked!

I also believe the fact that I can now make light of it and jest about it shows what faith I have in the system; that something would have been done if this had been a problem.

I answered the question that was asked; if I can’t do that without being flagged I guess I’m not welcome in the forum.


on average how many times do people actually need the sort code and account number compared to the 16 digit number? so going through the app to find it isn’t really a problem, I don’t even do that because I have my sort code and account numbers memorised.

I appreciate everyone uses their phone differently, but it’s much easier for me to get my phone out and tap the fingerprint sensor and the screen a couple of times than it is to get my wallet out, open it up, rifle through the cards and select the Monzo card, at which point you’re holding two things - wallet and card - while you try and provide your details.

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I noticed the other day I know my Monzo details from memory. Pretty much full Monzo now I’d say.

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If I’m sending money between accounts then It’s much easier to have the account numbers on the cards so I can see them while I’m doing the transfer than it is to swap between the apps to copy the account numbers.


Yeah, I guess it’s gonna work differently for everyone. My phone can splitscreen two apps at once, so that’s how I do it.

My iPhone SE does that too. Granted I have to double tap the home button and strain my eyes to see the tiny font, but close enough :woozy_face:

Haha, hopefully these new weird foldable phones will help with that!

A foldable phone actually fills me with dread. My poor pocket, id have to start carrying a satchel round.


I normally have to write my account number and sort on a piece of paper or copy it from the app and paste it into notes before using it in another website/app. I could write it on the card but then that just leads me on to thinking why don’t Monzo just print it on the card to begin with?

My Lloyds card (prior to going Full Monzo) had both.