Balance after transaction

Allow us to see what a balance was after a transaction would be a nice touch. If you already can I certainly cannot find it.

What issue are you trying to solve?

It’s not an issue it’s just a nice touch for example click on a transaction and it says balance after transaction X amount I’ve come from barclays and it was a feature I quite liked in the app.


Apparently they did have this feature but then people complained for privacy reasons and they removed it. But I agree it would be so useful instead of constantly having to go into your account manually.
Solution - Please make it an optional feature!
Thank you

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I think that if a person is using pots, they should be able to choose to enable it, as your total balance is usually not your total money, just the money you left not assigned to pots. Makes total sense in my opinion, but of course, I still think people should be able to choose whether to enable it or not.


Have you got a link so I can read it please? It would be interesting to read how it was justified :confused:

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Doesn’t the “instant transaction” feature kind of negate the need for this?

I’m thinking along the lines of balance v available balance, which is what a lot of legacy banks have

"You have £1000 balance/£950 available balance etc?

Or am I miles off the mark?

It sounds like @ChrisMc wants a way to see their account balance (aka Monzo available balance) after a transaction is made.

Yeah that’s what I think too which is surely what Monzo does?

I think @ChrisMc wants to the ability to see the balance after any past transaction too.

You could do something like other banks where you can swipe against the transaction feed and see the balance after each transaction. It avoids adding more figures and cluttering up the screen but still provides the facility.

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Ahh I get it now :man_facepalming:

Yes, that would also be a cool feature


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I think there is a place for it, but as part of the summary tab.

Pretty much what I would enjoy press on the transaction where it says rounded up etc so it also has balance before transaction there

I think it used to be in the notification you got when you bought something, and not in the feed. Obviously it was removed form the notification because it was easy for people to see over your shoulder your current balance.

Ahh ok, then that’s something totally different to what @Sarah3 said and I can understand why that would be done.

Glad the confusion was cleared up, thanks :slight_smile: