Badges for Alpha, Beta and Investors


Hopefully the 2018 fund raising round will allow more people to invest.

I believe Monzo have something up their sleeve to allow for more investors … though this is based on me potentially half reading/understanding it.


It’s pretty standard with private investments. In the case of Monzo, it wasn’t officially a pre-emption right, but it would be pretty poor form not to offer existing shareholders a first chance at a subsequent round. I have shares in about fifteen start-ups, and they have all offered us a private opportunity on subsequent rounds before going public.

(nimish) #168

I mean, sure, but the point was to democritize Monzo not offer existing shareholders an extra round. I have participated in a few private offerings as well but the explicit point of this was to allow more people to have a share in Monzo.

I hoped they would have reserved the round to non-investors and allowed existing investors a different tranche, but they didn’t, unfortunately.


New job for you nimish? :point_left:

(Dan) #170

Agreed, and that’s exactly what happened.

The first round had something like 1877 investors, and the second had 6484 investors (according to Crowdcube). Thats at least a 200% increase from the first round.

(nimish) #171

Sure but how many more investors could they have had if they structured the round to properly optimize for more investors? That’s the real benchmark. But this is getting off topic: as an early user of monzo I would like recognition but what I would really like is an investment opportunity.


But what’s the point of investing 10 quid? It costs more to service that than the money put in.


Possibly related, I can’t find my Monzo user number. Has it been removed or am I being stupid?

I need to one up a colleague!


Settings in the app - scroll to the bottom

(nimish) #175

Who said anything about 10 quid, or maximizing investors? Optimizing the round for new, worthwhile investors could have been done to make sure that early adopters like me had more skin in the game. For what it’s worth, I felt kind of snubbed.

That said, making little badges is a pretty trivial thing. For now, I’ll hold onto my “Mondo” card.

(Dean) #176

Extremely well put @nimish.

In relation to your use of the word ‘democratize’, I completely concur. As the situation is going on, it would seem that we are departing from being a “group of equals”. Instead, we are being faced with a select group of “entitled investors” who believe their selection was based on some form of “talent” or “entitlement”, when the reality is that they were just fortunate. This “fortune” does not warrant such a “privileged attitude.”

That being said, I must make it clear that I am not referring to all investors, just the “entitled” minority.

(Mike) #177

Awesome idea :grin: #Recognition

(Jack Donovan) #178

I realised today that I had a Beta badge :heart_eyes:

This makes me extremely happy!

(Nick Gemlo) #179

Where do you find badges?

(Jamie Johnson) #180

Check the settings section of the Monzo app, the beta badge is a red star. You can also access this from the account tab by selecting your name where the account number is.

(Jolin) #182

I’m not seeing this (on iOS). Are you on Android?

(Leon) #183

Yep pretty much. Do you have a current account?

(Jamie Johnson) #184

I’m on android, I can’t say for iOS as I haven’t seen it.

(Frank) #185

Does this exist on iOS yet as I have not seen anything either?

(Peter Roberts) #186

I believe it’s not released on iOS yet but should be soon

Edit: but I’m not sure where I read that. Android release notes maybe?

Edit2: it was twitter