Badges for Alpha, Beta and Investors


Think that’s why I took a screenshot of my number in the pre-paid app. I also have several of me in the queue, nerd that I am.

I can see this information being lost so have recorded it.

(Dean) #144

In one sense, I am for the badges when considering Alpha and Beta. However, when it comes to the Investor badge, I’m a little unsure as to whether this is fair considering some people, like myself, truly wanted to invest yet got rejected twice :x:

(Leon) #145

Hear hear @ deanackroyd


Not wanting to sound smug, but if you tried hard to win a game of football and lost, would you call it unfair when the winners lifted the trophy?

(Dean) #147

A competitive game of sport isn’t pot luck. The selection for investment was based on pure luck of the draw, there was no “talent” involved in the selection process.

I would be extremely disappointed if the winner of the Champions League was drawn out of a hat of all participants :smirk:

(Leon) #148

Stop talking so much sense. It scares people!

Some people got pulled out of the hat twice. Meaning there name was pulled in both rounds of funding. Now in a fair organisation they would pick from people that have not been drawn before but no not Monzo. :slight_smile:


Have Monzo confirmed that it was pot luck? I think it was first come, first served, rather like when Crowdcube did their own raises, or like Glastonbury tickets. I go to a beer festival every year which sells out in two minutes, seven months in advance. I struggle to believe that’s pot luck. This year, there are a few more of us, and they imposed a ticket limit, so I had three friends join me online at the exact moment. Pot luck?

(Dean) #151

“The numbers are in! Just over a month ago we closed pre-registration for our latest crowdfunding round and began the process of selecting successful investors at random from the 41,267 people who had pledged.“

(Naji Esiri) #152

@WillP79 Hey Will,

Hopefully this transcript taken from the Feb Open Office live stream can offer some more clarity around how we selected investors at random!

(Dean) #154

Today’s lesson: Please do your research before ridiculing a Member’s point of view and thus starting unnecessary/foundationless “debates”. This isn’t a teen chat room from the 90’s, it’s a place for conversation and intelligent debate :rocket:

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #155

Wait you mean this isn’t mIRC???

OMG what is happening here, where am I??! :open_mouth: :man_astronaut: :man_cartwheeling: :joy_cat:

(Dean) #156

Hahaha mIRC :joy: :rofl:


Interesting! Clearly luckier than I thought! :money_mouth_face:


I apologise for missing a fact I didn’t know had been published. I also laugh at your counter-attempt at ridicule :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Naji Ah hold on…was this in the second round? Weren’t first round investors allowed to bypass this in the second round? Not that it matters, of course… :wink:

(Michael) #161

I have no interest in the
Badges, least of all from a Bank!
As long as the product is good that’s all that matters!


That is a correct statement, first round investors were guaranteed to be able to invest in the second round.


Excellent. Not as ridiculous as I look then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When will we have loot boxes for the chance of random badges…? :smile:

I do like the idea of badges!

(nimish) #165

Yeah I was very annoyed first round investors got to double dip, but that’s neither here nor there.

Having an alpha badge would be nice. But even better would be an investment opportunity :wink: