Badges for Alpha, Beta and Investors

(Justin) #41

Btw, British Airways handle the display of loyalty in several ways, but one of them is by varying the background colour when customers open the app, which is blue for novice customers (like me :slightly_frowning_face:), but changes to silver and gold as customers move up the ladder.

I’m not suggesting a ladder here, as Monzo treats all its customers equally, so probably best not to use gold or silver, but might background colours other than black work for this purpose?

(Nathan Voller) #42

Sob story :sob:: I’m one of those poor souls who applied to be an alpha (got rejected) and attempted (and failed) to invest twice too. Can’t speak for everyone but I won’t be sour about other people having those badges and I doubt many people later down the line will either - as long as it doesn’t come with any perks. Its just a badge after all, a little recognition.

Perhaps as has been suggested you could introduce more badges that could be earned. Community could be a good one, to recognise all those who contribute on here?


You will have a beta badge, don’t forget :pray: and that is the only badge I will have as well!

(Bruce) #44

Gamma badge - for those with more than £100 million in their current account…


A “Potential Shareholder” badge for anyone who is not an investor :joy:

(Adam Hockley) #46

Na dont agree with that


it was a joke (of course)

(Liam ) #48

I think the idea of having badges for first to spend in a certain shop is probably a good idea but in reality if you live somewhere with lots of independent shops you could end up collecting lots of potentially unwanted badges!

Would love to get myself a lovely beta, investor badge though!

(Bruce) #49

I personally don’t think a bank should gamify their solutions further than the suggestion. Four square got there first and don’t reckon they did a good long term job. Only my opinion though


I am reminded of the blokes with badges all over their lapels at the end of mainline railway platforms. If badges do it for them, then that’s fine by me, I’m not knocking it if that’s what floats their boat. Personally it’s the last thing I’d want.


Can I get a “failed investor” badge please.

(Gareth) #52

Not a fan of the star by the profile pic, but fine with something on the page itself - so you can brag in person, but it doesn’t highlight you in a list of users.

But it’d be nice if there was an achievable tag - golden ticket sharer, community member, feedback star (if your feedback was used to improve monzo) etc.


All these badges tags and stars should be optional so you have a choice not to show them

(Simon Porter) #54

What about a wider achievements/badge system. Something like foursquare? In fact you could quite easily do the whole checkin thing using the bank data.

(Alex Sherwood) #55

You can, there’s a couple of developers who’ve created apps for this already :slight_smile:

Could Monzo link with social media e.g. Swarm (4sq)

I expect a wider system will be built by 3rd party developers too, at least initially. It looks like there’s quite a few users who’d be interested :thumbsup:

(Frank) #56

When do the community badges get updated or have people just been writing their own instead of a name?

(Ben King) #57

Nice debit card design! Love that “Investor” has been made 1.5x bigger :wink:


I’m all for the badges, if it can be expanded as some have suggested to be part of an achievements challenge (collect badges for doing xyz) it adds some fun, otherwise we may as well just paint it all grey and open a high street branch.

(Hugo Cornejo) #59

I’m afraid that’s not an option, it comes straight from the guidelines. I hope at some point we’ll be able to bend some of those rules since we don’t have any other kind of card.

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #61

Hopefully as that looks silly lol