Badges for Alpha, Beta and Investors

(Marta) #21

@Christophorus Ouch, I didn’t notice your badge earlier, thanks for completely ruining my case!

@jzw95 Not sure then, you might be right, but I still feel like significantly more users could be pleased than upset, which makes it hard to give up. People love badges and recognition.

@hugo You are teasing us a lot today, thanks. :smiley: So when can we have new debit cards*, hm? :smirk: Man action speaks louder than… design sneak previews.

*rhetorical question.

( #22

It’s tongue in cheek :slight_smile:


I all honesty, I’d take more pride in having a Beta badge and be more in awe :astonished:of an Alpha one than an investor one.

Then again, I would say that being one of the lucky :four_leaf_clover:few

As @Avishai says, this community is only a small fraction of the whole user base and, as divisive as things got at times on here during the crowdfunding, I’m not sure that’s an accurate reflection of the customer base as a whole.

(Mike) #24

Pretty sure those cards have my name on them :joy:

(Sacha) #25

Is there any way the ‘debit’ sign can be aligned to either show alongside either the Monzo or Mastercard signs? Seems a little crudely placed on the draft designs.

(Kieran McCann ) #26

Who doesn’t love to brag a little right? I love how the badges look and it would be amazing for these to be added to our accounts. I would hope that we could have multiple so for us that are beta testers and have also been able to invest can show off both our badges. :grin:

(Johnny Ellwood) #27

I’d happily display this badge of honour!


Knowing Monzo I think there will be plenty of ways to get more badges or whatever in the future. Maybe going to a meetup, being in the TestFlight or Android betas, being a valued forum member.

I think it looks great and by putting it on a user’s public profile it might encourage others to get involved in the community.

(Not Theresa May) #29

Yes, yes, a hundred percent.
When monzo hits its million customer target it’ll be great to have a reminder that we were there from the start

(Tom ) #30

Yes I’d like this. Bragging all the way.

I’d like “User #164, Alpha, Investor” badges thanks. :rofl:

(Alex Mayo) #31

I think this just adds unnecessary clutter… I’m an investor and Beta participant but I don’t want other users to feel left out because of it. Currently I like the Monzo app because of how simple and clean it is. Having statistics about things other than your money doesn’t do much good other than make that person feel special, and others not so.

(Alex Sherwood) #32

I like this idea, each of these groups have made a contribution to Monzo’s success so far, even if that was just trying the cards out & this is another nice way to acknowledge that.

I guess the debit cards won’t have the alpha / beta labels on them so it’s good to have a more permanent record of the phase of the Monzo journey that I joined in.

(Adam Hockley) #33

Would live badge idea


If Tom gets that I’m going to be really unhappy 'cos his number is lower than mine :smiling_imp:

(Daniel Orr) #35

A great initiative for loyal customers!


Personally while I don’t mind Alpha, Beta, Investor and Staff badges I would not want on anything public my user number

(Philip Parkin) #37

I think we should have an AGE badge to show we are not being left behind.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #38

Great idea @hugo! I love it! It’s a fun harmless little addition, gives :monzo: that extra little bit of personality vs boring banks :wink:

(Bruce) #39

I love it ! Great idea and cards look great! Viva coral shoe colour

(Justin) #40

@hugo, I like the idea, though as some people have already posted, it would be nice to be able to earn more than one badge. I’m very proud of my Alpha badge, but am equally proud of Having invested in both crowdfunding rounds - and reluctantly traded my Alpha card for an Investor one. It would be nice to be recognised for both, and I’d quite like to have an “Alpha+Investor” badge.

But why stop there? In time, I’m sure in future that Beta users will want to have their contribution recognised as Monzo moves beyond prepaid cards. Badges could also be earned for:

  • referring new customers through the golden tickets scheme
  • the level of card usage
  • etc