“Badge” forum tags for investor or beta user not showing up

So it’s probably me not seeing something. But I’ve obviously noticed people having “crowdfunding investor” or “beta user” under their names in this community chat. I’ve looked under my settings and the options it gives me are member or the other default one. Am I doing something wrong? My email is associated with the same email of my monzo account. Not particularly important but since I can’t put a pin on how to fix it it’s pushing my buttons :joy:

Send a DM to @cookywook with a screenshot of the bit in your app that shows you are an investor


Did you manage to sort this? I’ve been going round in circles looking how to add this to my profile too!

Yep as @SouthseaOne said above - send a DM to @cookywook :slightly_smiling_face:

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Am I being completely idiotic when I say “how do you DM on this thing?”

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if you click on --> @cookywook <-- it should have a “message” button in the popup window (shown below) :smiley:



You can’t - yet.

You need to ‘up’ your trust level to DM people.

See here for details;

funnily enough, i just hit level two as your message came through :partying_face:


No need to DM, I’ve fixed that for you now :grinning:


Yep - totally didn’t forget about that :eyes: :see_no_evil: :joy:

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@simonb flying in to the rescue :bananadance:


I’m a proud level 3 :wink:

Hi could you add the crowdfunding investor on mine also please

:point_up: eh? :point_down:
Sell Monzo shares

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