Automatically delete pots

Had a look but surprisingly couldn’t find my suggestion anywhere…

What I’d like is an option to set a pot to automatically delete when the balance hits £0.

For example. I get paid early this month so I’m going to stick it into a pot and schedule its withdrawal on the 1st so I get paid like I normally do. This will ensure I don’t overspend. When the withdrawal happens automatically I’ll need to manually go in and delete the pot.

Another example. I’m paying off my PS5 on my credit card each month to build credit. All the money is in a pot and each month a payment is taken from a pot to pay for it. When it hits £0 I’ll have paid off my credit card and again will have to manually go in and delete the no longer needed pot.

Not all pots when they hit £0 will need to be deleted but the option to toggle it on each one would be nice.

End of suggestion :slight_smile:


Perhaps expanded to scheduled deletion as suggested below to encompass more use cases:

Just keep the pot empty until you get paid early again. It’ll save you the bother of making a new pot.

This one works, unless you buy something else on your credit card to continue building your credit.

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I’ll give you a vote if this is only optional with a toggle.

I have pots that I let hit zero and then refill so wouldn’t want to have to recreate each time.


That would annoy me :sweat_smile:

Of course me too.

Defo needs to be an option on the pot - alongside the locked pot option imo.

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Use the hide pots feature.

Don’t even know its there then :joy:

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haha yeah I could do that :smiley: But if I’m going to the effort to hide it when I’ve finished I might as well just delete it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I was thinking about this yesterday.

While I don’t think an “automatically delete if pot balance hits zero” option is a good idea, I think it makes loads of sense to be able to schedule a pot deletion, especially for Savings Pots that have a minimum balance.

I’ve scheduled a withdrawal of all the money in a Savings Pot for some time in January and was allowed to, but am not sure what will happen when the withdrawl is attempted.


Yeah that would work for both my example situations too.

I’ve edited my first post to include your suggestion - thanks! :blush: