Automatic travel charge notes

Hi Monzo,

For TfL transactions, sometimes I see an automatic “Travel charge for …” note and sometimes I don’t. The automatic note is cool. How come it doesn’t add it for every TfL transaction?



Same happens for me! Maybe list this as a bug?

I would guess it only puts the note when it has a certain confidence level.

I’ve had the same with TfL in recent weeks. Seems a little hit & miss, I presume TfL are providing the data inconsistently as I can’t see why Monzo would only show it sporadically.

Yeah, this is something new we set up a week or two ago (it’s super useful I find!) :slight_smile: When we receive the date from TfL we put it in — if it’s not there, we don’t receive it so unfortunately can’t put it there :frowning:


Are there certain reasons why you don’t receive the data from TFL or is it just not sent at random times?

It would be useful to know when we won’t see the note so that we can anticipate this.

It seems random although I’m sure there are reasons. Unfortunately, it’s not super clear :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up, @tristan.

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