Automatic pot transfer

I’ve just signed up to Marcus and it gave me a random thought…

If I had a pot (such as round up my purchases to £1, or a savings challenge type of thing) that it would be nice to set up an automatic payment to another bank account [ie my Marcus account] at the end of the month.

Automatically moving money from pots has been suggested before but never to an external bank.

Not sure Monzo would want to make it easier for you to move money away from them, but you never know :man_shrugging:

True, was just one of those random thoughts :slight_smile:

Guess this could tie in with the idea of charity pots.

Eg. When your round ups / pot deposits reach a goal amount, transfer to charity of choice.

Would imagine IFTTT being the route for this, if it ever includes transfers out of the account.

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